Coffee-rubbed pork shoulder is the true classic at Range, say many hounds. It’s pretty much the best comfort food you could find, says reading stand—not subtle, not delicate, but just one big platter of tender, heavy, slow-cooked pork, with creamy hominy and braised greens. Range also does excellent roast chicken, a little firmer than the average. It’s good enough that, once you become a regular at Range, you’ll get the chicken instead of the pork shoulder once every three or four visits.

Desserts rock hard, too. Everything the pastry chef does is great, but the true shining jewel is his chocolate souffle. Tarts are beautiful—always with a perfectly light, simple crust, amazing fresh fruit, and a clever ice cream pairing. Right now, for example, there’s rhubarb tart with candied ginger ice cream.

Range [Mission]
842 Valencia Street, San Francisco

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