The Observer Food Monthly has published a “Girl’s Guide to Eating and Drinking,” and it’s bound to offend … girls.

Well, at least those who like lamb shanks (“too knuckley!”) and cassoulet (“has ‘man’ written all over it”).

The cheeky article by Mimi Spencer makes a series of sweeping generalizations about “dining requirements” for women, ranging from cute rhymes about offal (“if women are about, snout is out”) to excursions into gastro-anthropology:

Broadly speaking, while meat is unreconstructedly blokeish, fish is rather more feminine—possibly because there is less gore involved in its preparation. We’re fonder of the garden too, and find ordering salads a liberation not a duty. This harks back to our earliest days when men hunted and women gathered. Deep down, we still quite like a nice bowl of seeds and some wild cherries.

Since I’m just a “blokeish” eater of “man dishes,” what do female CHOW readers have to say about this gastronomical version of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus?

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