After years of buying, using, discarding, and fussing over kitchenware, many home cooks arrive at a sort of agreeable stasis wherein no new acquisitions are required and cooking catalogs are tossed unread.

That’s pretty much where I was until discovering the simply named Chefs Catalog lying on my future mother-in-law’s kitchen counter.

It’s elegantly written. Wide-ranging. Proportionately light on expensive, dumb-ass, unipurpose gadgets, and laden with the kind of legitimately labor-saving stuff that even a well-stocked kitchen might benefit from. It has appetizers (professional mortar and pestle set, meat grinder, poultry shears), main courses (All-Clad pots and pans, Cuisinarts, Henckels knives), and desserts (mise en place prep board with removable prep bowls, vintage hammered teakettle, honey dispenser).

In short, if you’re in the mood to be tempted by culinary hardware, Chefs is a logical starting point.

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