On the Eat Local Challenge blog, Sara brings our attention to a short movie highlighting the true cost of factory-farmed, commercially raised, and non-local food. The price is staggering.

Put out by the Sierra Club as part of their Sustainable Consumption campaign, the video (made by the same company that did the Meatrix) touches on a number of important and topical issues—monocropping, feedlot-raised beef, loss of topsoil, chemical usage, agricultural runoff, and decreasing crop yields. When all these factors are valued and given a price, the true cost of a commercial tomato is far beyond anyone’s budget.

The campaign, which seeks to “encourage people to think about the environmental impacts of their consumption choices,” also offers a discussion guide, as well as information and action suggestions for those wishing to evaluate their impact as consumers. From background information on the importance of eating locally and organically, to projects that can be done as a group or with children, and even cooking suggestions, there are resources for learning more and steps for putting these ideas into action. And the FAQ section clears up niggling questions (so you know about GMOs, but what about COOL?).

The Sierra Club hopes that this campaign will “promote more informed choices about how the way we eat affects our planet and our quality of life.”

With elections around the corner, here’s a campaign to get behind.

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