Agua de jamaica, sometimes known simply as jamaica (ha-MY-ca), is a cooling, refreshing Mexican beverage brewed from the dried flowers of the hibiscus plant. If you’ve had Red Zinger herbal tea made by Celestial Seasonings, then you’re familiar with the tart red infusion. Buy the drink from taquerias everywhere, or make it yourself—the dried flowers are often available in bulk in Mexican grocery stores or in the international sections of large supermarkets. Freshly brewed, the drink is slightly sweet and astringent, with a definite smoky flavor favored by rworange and Veggo. rockycat notes that instant jamaica powder is available at some stores, but it’s vastly inferior to fresh-brewed and should only be used in emergencies. And Will Owen recommends using freshly brewed jamaica as an ingredient in sangria—it’s infinitely superior to 7UP.


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