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Forget those traditional stuffy cooking classes; these Airbnb Cooking Experiences invite you into local homes to learn local food culture and make the perfect vacation experience for an adventurous foodie.

Late last year, Airbnb unveiled Airbnb Cooking Experiences, a series of intimate local cooking classes as part of the larger Experiences arm, which the brand introduced several years ago. The travel disruptor has offered curated local food experiences before, but this new niche category of bookable classes and workshops is focused specifically on experiential cooking at the hands of local cooks, pro chefs, families, farmers, and others with intimate knowledge of traditional cuisine.

know before you goHow To Avoid a Tourist Trap Restaurant on VacationThe experiences, which include popular existing experiences, along with some new additions, can be paired with lodging in many of Airbnb’s most popular cities like London, Tokyo, and Paris, and are aimed at curious and culinary-minded travelers wanting to learn about local food culture and cooking in an organic, hands-on environment. You can also feel good about injecting tourism dollars into the hyper-local economy, and with Airbnb’s comprehensive detailed descriptions and ratings/reviews system, you can get a good sense of what you’re getting before you book.

From Pasta-Making with a Nonna in Rome to the Basics of Uzbeki Cooking in Brooklyn, there seems to be something interesting on the stove no matter where your travels take you. Here are six new Airbnb cooking experiences we can’t wait to try in 2020.

Cooking with Critters – Los Angeles, California


In this introduction to cooking with bugs with the founder of Eat Bug Events, you’ll learn out how easy it is to inject insects into your everyday diet. Explore recipes like cricket powder pancakes, mealworm mini-pizzas, termite-stuffed tomatoes, and more. Begin with a brief introduction to the wonderful world of bugs including sustainability, nutrition, how to cook bugs, what a cricket farm is along with a guided cooking demonstration of one to three easy bug dishes. Kid-friendly and perfect for families.Buy Now

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Soba Noodle Making in a Traditional Home – Tokyo, Japan


Learn to make deliciously chewy buckwheat soba noodles in a Tokyo home from Hide, a jack-of-all-trades who’s been teaching soba-making for five years. Making perfect soba requires skill with a recipe so sensitive, it changes based on the weather and season and after you make your soba you’ll cook and eat it for lunch or dinner, depending on the time you book. You can even add on a traditional green tea ceremony or calligraphy lesson.Buy Now

Ancient Cooking Customs of Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico


This experience is as much about history as it is about food, and begins with an introduction to pre-hispanic life in Mexico around the times of the Mayan, and Aztec civilizations. You’ll explore the ancient cooking tools like the molcajete and metate and how to use them to make fresh salsas by hand. You’ll also make tortillas (by hand), mole, and camote/carrots tacos, and even a traditional Mexican salad.Buy Now

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Pastry Making in Montmartre – Paris, France


In this sweet experience with a former pastry chef for Joel Robuchon and a graduate of the prestigious pastry school École LENÔTRE, you’ll learn the art of French pastry with a two-hour hands-on lesson in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris. Start with the classic French pâte à choux (choux pastry), learning both theory and practice. After, move to the sitting room to share your creations over good tea and conversation.Buy Now

Cacao Dishes from Fruit to Bar – London, UK


Upon arrival to this cacao-centric experience, led by Paola, a 15-year culinary veteran, you’ll be invited to make a cocktail as you learn about “spherification,” a technique developed by famed El Bulli restaurant, and get your first taste of the cacao fruit. Then move to a table, where your tasting menu begins. As dinner progresses, learn about this bountiful fruit and all its sub-products, from the pulp to the seed, cocoa butter, cocoa mass and of course, chocolate.Buy Now

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Home-Cooked Flavours of Singapore – Singapore


Ruqxana is a self-described cat lover, personal chef, food sorceress, and cooking teacher. She runs classes in her home kitchen in Siglap, Singapore as she has for the past 18 years. In this 3-hour experience with changing menus, you’re likely to learn cuisine as diverse as the country itself which may include a combination of Singapore, Indian, Malay, Chinese, Peranakan/Nonya, Eurasian, Indonesian, Thai, and Sri Lankan recipes.Buy Now

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