If you enjoy whole wheat pizza—but not the virtuous vibe that can come with it—V & R may be your kind of place. Its whole wheat pie boasts a traditional thin crust—deceptively heavy, owing to the whole grain—and satisfying whole wheat nuttiness. “No hippie-dippy broccoli pies or other nonsense,” declares ben61820. “Just a basic good, classic pie–but with whole wheat goodness.”

bigmackdaddy endorses V & R’s whole wheat slice but recommends balancing its natural heft with extra sauce and ample toppings (he suggests eggplant, chicken, and meatball). Also good here: meatballs parmigiana, a celebration of plain and simple meatiness.

Elsewhere in Carroll Gardens, Caserta Vecchia also makes great whole wheat pizza, bklynkat reports. It’s an option on any of its freshly topped, Neapolitan-style individual pies.

V & R Pizzeria and Restaurant [Carroll Gardens]
512 Court Street, near Nelson, Brooklyn

Caserta Vecchia [Carroll Gardens]
221 Smith Street, between Butler and Baltic, Brooklyn

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