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Thanksgiving is somehow already right around the corner, which means between stocking up on mounds of potatoes and prepping your kitchen for the impending culinary feast, it’s possible you haven’t actually gotten around to ordering the turkey. But no matter, because Whole Foods is offering a fantastic turkey day deal for Amazon Prime members.

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From Nov. 13 through Nov. 28 (aka, Thanksgiving), Amazon Prime members can pick up organic whole turkeys for $2.99 a pound and whole turkeys for $1.99 a pound, while supplies last. That’s a saving of about 50 cents per pound (to compare, for non-Prime members, whole organic turkeys clock in at $3.49 a pound, while whole turkeys are $2.49 a pound).

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It may not seem like a lot, but those cents can quickly add up—especially if you’re looking to purchase a multi-pound bird. After all, it’s generally recommended that every guest needs a minimum of one pound of turkey for the meal, so depending on how big your crowd is, you’ll be saving at least 50 cents per person. And this deal is certainly a perfect excuse to put that extra change toward one (or two) extra desserts—or Black Friday shopping, whatever holds your heart this Thanksgiving season.

Reserve your turkey in advance by heading to Whole Foods’ online holiday market, then pop into your local store to pick it up. For Prime members, the discount will be applied at checkout. If you’re not a Prime member and also haven’t acquired a bird yet, have no fear: There are plenty of meal kits and turkey delivery services for the big day.

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