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For famed baker Dorie Greenspan, kitchen tools elicit an immediate joyful reaction. She loves rummaging around in her kitchen, pulling out modest tools that come with captivating histories. Some of her favorite moments in the kitchen revolve around the humble wooden spoon or cooling rack: When she grabs the right tool for the right job, she just knows how great it feels. 

That’s especially the case for her personal collection of silicone spatulas. She owns an assortment of nonstick silicone spatulas from an assortment of brands (Mastrad’s version is her favorite) in a slew of bright neon colors, some big enough to fold in a wealth of ingredients, others small and slim enough to simply scrape the last dregs of melted chocolate from the bottom of a bowl.

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Dorie especially likes these spatulas because they boast a narrow handle—meaning they’re comfortable when you’re working with them—and their one-piece design guarantees they stay clean. The silicone spatulas can be used for a host of kitchen activities: easily scrape bowls, seamlessly stir ingredients, and delicately fold in egg whites. Plus, each spatula is a mere $6 on Amazon (although the price is subject to change), hence why Dorie has accumulated so many.

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“If ever you find something good, buy more than one,” Dorie says.

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