Like me, a fellow ex-Minnesotan, Gael at Pop Culture Junk Mail reveals, “One of the weird things I had to get used to when we moved to Seattle was the shape of the butter.” True story. When I first slid the oddly thick sticks of butter out of a box from West Coast brand Challenge, I had a hard time believing they were the same weight as the long and lean sticks I had been using my whole life. The box said it was a pound of butter, but the sticks were just so freakin’ bizarre looking, I had serious doubts.

As it turns out, they are the same weight, but their stocky shape is referred to as “Western stubby.” A name which Gael says “sounds dirty,” and since it sends me to bad Last Tango in Paris-y places, I emphatically agree.

This week, the butter company of my childhood—Land O’Lakes—has announced that it will finally start producing sticks of Western stubby, but only for “the quirky West Coast market,” according to an article on The article mentions that the different shapes of butter exist, oddly enough, honestly because “different regions prefer different butter packaging. Midwesterners like their butter in long and slim sticks, stacked two-by-two into a one-pound block.”

No, I can’t answer why that is the case, but this displaced Minnesotan is happy to know that while the nation’s number one butter brand may slip the west a stubby, there will still be a land where the long sticks roam.

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