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True story: I once left my S’well water bottle in a car overnight on a camping trip in the blazing hot middle of August. When I went to move the car the following afternoon there was still ice clinking in the bottle! 

I don’t know what sort of black magic S’well uses to insulate their steel beverage bottles but I do know that if you like your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot, you’d be well-served to snag one of these trendy and efficient S’well bottles currently on sale for just $10—today only—as Best Buy’s Deal of the Day.

The S’ip by S’well comes in both a 16.7-ounce thermal cup with flip lid for hot beverages and a 15-ounce bottle with screw lid for cold beverages. Both are available in a slew of colors and patterns and at 75% off the original price, are significantly cheaper than anywhere else we’ve found them online (including Amazon), at the time of this writing.

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For those keeping track, the S’ip cold water bottle has a slightly different taper shape and is two ounces smaller than the original S’well bottle, but has all the same S’well cold/warm insulation technology.

S’well Cold Beverage Bottle, $9.99 on Best Buy

Best Buy

Fall flowers. Is that a thing? Either way this water bottle is v cute and super cheap right now.Buy Now

S’ip by S’well Hot Beverage Bottle, $9.99 on Best Buy

Best Buy

A sleek and sharp black travel mug for daily use. Caution contents are hot and will stay hot.Buy Now

S’ip by S’well cold beverage bottle, $9.99 on Best Buy

Best Buy

You know where I’m going with this. It’s a berry cute water bottle.Buy Now

S’well hot beverage bottle, $9.99 on Best Buy

Best Buy

I’ll be honest this is a really good blue. Like, really good.Buy Now

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