I know, I know. I said I was sick and tired of Top Chef news, but (sigh) it will not leave me alone!

Tonight, Bravo’s newest and potentially dullest (that is, until Shear Genius foils the airwaves) reality show, Top Design, will bow and scrape to cheflebrity guest Tom Colicchio. In this synergistic challenge, host Todd Oldham’s stable of remaining designers will have to whip up a chef’s private dining room.

Hey, Colicchio, a word of warning: If you plan on performing your patented Top Chef-ian Sniff ’n’ Sneer in the middle of the challenge, you might want to give the paint thinner a wide berth.

In a second serving of Top Chef news, it appears that last year’s winner, Harold Dieterle, is so close to opening Perilla that he’s apparently applied for a liquor license and is hiring. When he heard the news, first-season cheftestant Miguel posted on Harold’s myspace page, “MISS YOU BIG POPPA HOPE ALL IS WELL I SEE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SOUS !! LOVE YA MAN.”

Hire him, Harold. He seems like a solid cook, a sweet guy, and one who will probably never be seen in public snorting his wife’s panties.

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