The late, lamented Barrio Fiesta has been revived in Eagle Rock and the Filipino home cooking is still to die for, says lukin4gudfood. Crispy calamari and kare-kare are the best. For the moment, though, it seems like the beer and wine license is a work in progress.

Over in Hollywood, lil mikey discovered a hidden gem, Karihang-Pinoy. If you’re lucky enough to get fried chicken fresh out of the fryer, it’s super-crunchy, each piece (more than a quarter, usually leg and thigh with some breast) nice and tender.

They also have delicious, savory-sweet sausage. There’s tangily great tamarind-based soup with beef, all rich and beautiful. All that with a big plate of rice and a bottle of water is $5.

There’s an OC spot that specializes in Filipino breakfast, or almusal, says elmomonster.

At Kapamilya, they serve several kinds of silogs (plates with garlic fried rice and egg) with a slice of tomato and a protein add-on—choose from various kinds of marinated meats, sausage, and fried fish.

A lot of places use factory-made marinated pork, or tocino, pumped up with nitrites and artificial coloring. Kapamilya makes theirs from scratch, coating tender, fatty cuts of pork with a candy-sweet glaze. A shot of vinegar is just right for balancing it out.

Tapa, marinated beef, is similar to Korean kalbi, but dryer—more like really sweet jerky. There’s also fried marinated milkfish, bangus. With a yogurty tang and flaky white flesh, it’s a nice lighter option. Silog plates are all $4.75, including tax.

Barrio Fiesta [Eastside]
4420 Eagle Rock Blvd., Eagle Rock

Karihang-Pinoy [Hollywood]
4909 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles

Kapamilya Restaurant [Orange County]
10964 Warner Ave., Fountain Valley

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