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Looking for the best air fryer cookbook? You’ve got options.

A Whole New WorldTurn Your Instant Pot Into an Air Fryer with This Game-Changing LidThe air fryer faithful continues to expand at a rapid pace and if you’re not currently a member of the flock, there’s a good chance you’ll be joining it soon. With the holidays fast approaching, stand-alone units along with a growing number of air-frying-equipped multi-function cookware are poised to be the hot ticket kitchen appliances this gift-giving season.

We’ve already covered all the ins and outs of the air fryer, and CNET has tested several to find the best air fryer for you​, but to recap: While its signature function is to produce fried food quickly, easily and with a fraction of the oil traditionally used, it also comes in handy for your roasting and baking needs.

Savvy culinary minds have already come up with thousands of different air fryer recipes that reflect the appliance’s incredible potential. And that includes several great air fryer cookbooks to add to your shelves, including options for keto and vegan eaters.

Below we’ve compiled some of our favorite air fryer cookbooks that are sure to satisfy a wide variety of diners and cooks.

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“Air Fryer Revolution: 100 Crispy, Healthy, Fast & Fresh Recipes” by Urvashi Pitre, $17.59 on Amazon


Urvashi Pitrae’s follow up to the popular “Everyday Easy Air Fryer” will satisfy her fans who are hungry for more of the Two Sleevers blogger’s inventive eats. This time around she provides 100 recipes, the majority of which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. If you’re hosting a gathering, it’s a particularly helpful resource with quick and easy stress-free options such as Smoky Ham and Cheese Party Biscuits and Korean Beef Tacos.  Buy Now

“Air Fry Every Day: 75 Recipes to Fry, Roast, and Bake Using Your Air Fryer” By Ben Mims, $13.59 on Amazon


Noted recipe developer Ben Mims goes all in on air fryer eats and the results are certainly impressive. He has a knack for taking the familiar and making it his own, with recipes such as light and crispy Masala-Spiced Onion Rings. Apps, entrees, and sides are all covered but desserts are particular standouts including Bourbon and Spice Monkey Bread, a clever riff on fruit cake—rest assured it far exceeds its inspiration.   Buy Now

“The Air Fryer Cookbook: Deep Fried Flavor Made Easy Without All the Fat!” by Todd English, $17.73 on Amazon


If Todd English is jumping into the air frying game, you know it’s not simply a fleeting fad. The prolific chef and television personality, whose restaurant empire extends from Boston to Manila, proves that his dynamic culinary skills translate perfectly to the air fryer. Chapters include “Spectacular Sides,” “Chips and Fries,” and “Desserts Baked on Air” but the most fun can be had in the “Appetizers and Small Bites” section which is heavy on county fair fare including Ricotta Cheese Bombs and Jalapeño Party Poppers. Buy Now

“750 Air Fryer Cookbook 2019: Delicious and Easy Air Fryer Recipes for Your Family Everyday” by Anna Hatchwell, $11.96 on Amazon


If you remain an air fryer skeptic, this book is likely to change your mind. Not only does it include a whopping 750 recipes, you’ll also get an in-depth tutorial on how to master the machine. Buy Now

The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Two: Perfectly Portioned Recipes for Healthier Fried Favorites” by Gina Kleinworth, $11.28 on Amazon


Fried food isn’t exactly leftover material and recipes geared towards families can end up being wasteful when you’re simply cooking for two. But couples who love to air fry needn’t worry. “The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Two” hits the portion sweet spot with over 100 recipes that are perfect for sharing with your roommate or significant other.  Buy Now

“Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook: 500 Simple and Tasty Keto Recipes for Beginners and Pros” by Jeff Jones, $10.99 on Amazon


Two of the culinary world’s hottest trends collide in this recipe-packed cookbook. Though keto and fried foods go together like Jersey Shore’s Vinny and Angelina, that hasn’t stopped culinary wizard Jeff Jones from working some air fryer magic. He’s come up with over 500 keto-friendly options that that keep the fat high and the carbs low. Buy Now

“The Essential Vegan Air-Fryer Cookbook: 75 Whole Food Recipes to Fry, Bake, and Roast” by Tess Challis, $11.51 on Amazon


Vegans shouldn’t be excluded from all the air frying fun. Plant-based options abound in this collection of 75 fried, baked, and roasted delights that cover everything from Sweet Miso-Glazed Brussels Sprouts to BBQ Jackfruit Nachos and, of course, french fries.Buy Now

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