It started innocently, in 1976, when two friends came up with the idea of a cookoff to see if it were possible to make Spam—that odd, block-shaped, processed-pork substance—edible. Much more of a challenge than a chili cookoff, they thought. Thirty years later, the annual fiesta de potted pork is going strong, attracting plenty of Spam-o-philes.

Set to take place April 7 in a park in Austin, Texas, Spamarama 2007 will feature a cookoff, Spamalympic competitions—Spam disc shoot, Spam calling (like hog calling), and a Spam can relay. There’s a Spamburger eating competition (first person to scarf down the entire block wins), and a Spam Jam music series throughout the day (appearing this year: the SowPremes!).

Adults and kids are welcome; there’s even a Pig Pen area for the little ones. Just make sure to leave the dog at home—that intoxicating potted-pork smell would just be too much for Rover to resist.

Hey, maybe they’ll even get a visit from the Spammobile.

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