Call me a sucker for embittered waitrons, but if you’ve ever had a not-so-good feeling about the cleanliness, morale, or overall feng shui of your local eatery, has a list you might want to check out. While “50 Signs You’re Working in a Bad Restaurant” is a bit redundant and bitter, it also contains plenty of the elemental hatred that is the shibboleth of the professional server.

As is often the case with stuff like this, the comments (92 as of 2:15 a.m. Monday) are a treasure trove of emotional baggage. They come from users ranging from the touchingly empathetic:

How about when the owner insists on calling you ‘Princess’? Then he casually mentions, after your first day, that the chef hates you? Then he physically sexually harrasses you while you’re frozen in shock and repugnance?

To the hilariously empathetic:

When the chef and prep cook fight with gallons of guacamole and batter during a busy Friday night shift only because there are no clean knives.

To the depressingly believable:

They pit you against other restaurants to compete for a ‘team prize’ which includes sending the manager to Europe for a week

To the touchingly naive and sensitive:

I have made a decision, after reading this blog. My days of eating in restaurants are OVER!!

Incidentally, the comments also suggest that a number of chefs wage a grinding daily battle against the demon scourge of alcohol.

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