Why don’t Americans cook more with beer? Yeah! Why don’t they? It’s a lack of snob appeal, sez the Houston Chronicle in the curiously titled story “Beer: more than a brew.” (How is it more than a brew? Is it also a floor wax and a dessert topping?)

Anyhoo, wine appears in so many recipes, but beer is rare because it’s considered a goofy beverage, the Weekend at Bernie’s of hooch:

People associate it with hot dogs, pizza, buffalo wings, bikini-clad women, juvenile humor, sporting events — nothing that suggests you stop and appreciate the drink.

Who knew that consorting with Spuds MacKenzie and the Swedish Bikini Team would diminish beer’s posh quotient?

The Chron does its part to spread beer cheer with a couple of recipes, including one for raspberry ice cream with a healthy portion of the Belgian fruit beer lambic (WANT!), but there are certainly tons of other recipes out there. Most of them work the beer into batters and baked goods, but there’s also the divine Belgian beef stew Carbonnade à la Flamande.

Or just try subbing beer for wine in your recipes, keeping in mind beer’s unique flavor profile, typically bitter/yeasty/malty instead of wine’s fruity acidity. Oh, and don’t forget to save a few to drink while you’re cooking.

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