Fall 2019 is looking like it might be the pumpkin spiciest season on record. First, we had the engrossing news that Hormel would be releasing the chic Pumpkin Spice Spam we’ve all been clamoring for. Then Starbucks hit us with their first new pumpkin spice beverage in nearly 16 years; the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.  And now Tim Horton’s—Canada’s answer to Dunkin’ Donuts—is coming in hot with a full fall pumpkin spice menu launching today at participating U.S. locations.

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The collection of beverages and pastry items available at Timmy Ho’s includes a pumpkin spice cappuccino topped with whipped cream and crumbled graham crackers (hot and iced versions available), a pumpkin spice latte (hot and iced), pumpkin spice Timbits (doughnut holes), a pumpkin spice glazed doughnut, and a pumpkin spice muffin with a cinnamon roll frosting.

Okay, I’m listening—and there’s more.

Tim Horton’s

Staying true to its Canadian roots, the coffee chain will also launch a line of maple beverages including a maple iced cappuccino, and maple shake (made with real maple syrup) at participating U.S. locations available through October 2.

Header image courtesy of Tim Horton's

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