Target is famous for having, well, everything. Like a brick and mortar Amazon, you can wander in for a 6-pack of socks and walk out with a car full of who knows what; clothes, electronics, home goods, and plenty of snacks. All Targets and Super Targets have incorporated full service grocery departments over the past several years, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the brand is set to launch their own flagship line of food and groceries dubbed “Good & Gather,” at all 1,800 locations this fall.

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Similar to other store-exclusive lines like Whole Foods’ 365 and Trader Joe’s many sub-brands (Trader Giattos, Trader Jose’s), Good & Gather will run the gamut with everything from ready-to-make salad kits to dairy products, dips (including beet hummus), snacks, cereals, and much more. The goal for the mega-retailer is to offer customers a line of quality, healthy foods free from artificial flavors and sweeteners at their famously low prices.


“Our guests are incredibly busy and want great-tasting food they can feel good about feeding their families,” said Stephanie Lundquist, Target’s President of Food and Beverage. “We really wanted the brand to represent the quality and the value that guests can expect.”

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The first Good & Gather items will be available starting September 15 of this year and by 2020 Target hopes to have more than 2,000 products in stores making it the retailer’s most sprawling internal brand to date. The line will be marked by four sub-labels: kids, organic, signature, and seasonal, which will all live under the Good & Gather brand umbrella.

According to the brand’s official press release, the new line will (over time) replace Target’s existing limited signature food labels Archer Farms and Simply Balanced, and they will phase out some of the Market Pantry items currently available as well. “However, guests will still be able to get most of the products they know and love under the Good & Gather name, many of which have been reformulated to be even better, having undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they taste great and meet the brand’s ingredient standards.” So don’t panic about losing your favorite trail mix just yet.

Header image courtesy of Target

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