best dhatterproof dinnerware for summer outdoor entertaining
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With the final few months of outdoor BBQ season in full swing, now’s the time to invest in some shatterproof outdoor-friendly dinnerware. Why now? Well, because midway through the season, chances are you’ve already broken or chipped a plate or two. These unbreakable plates, bowls, platters, and cups are so durable they can be dropped, thrown, tossed, and—well, you get the point. But beyond withstanding the occasional fall and the power of a dishwasher, we think they’re particularly stylish too.

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Cupture Insulated Wine Tumbler Cup with Drink-Through Lid, 8 for $22.99 on Amazon

shatterproof wine glasses


Please award a prize to the person who designed this magical drinking vessel, an insulated wine glass that will keep your whites cool (ditto your reds) and can be knocked over by a child’s wandering arm without worry. Each glass gets its own colored top to make it easy to know that you’re not inadvertently swapping germs, either.Buy Now

Swirl Melamine Chip and Dip, $14.50 at Pottery Barn

melamine chip and dip set

Pottery Barn

Peel the avocado, peel the avocado. Guacamole. Guac-guacamole. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves after seeing this stunning vehicle for getting chips and guac in our belly (but break it out for dessert dips too).Buy Now

Lucy Dinnerware Plate, $20 at Katie Kime

Katie Kime geometric print melamine plate

Katie Kime

Serving platters in cactus prints, bowls covered with citruses, and our personal favorite, these striking geometric-patterned plates, are all part of Katie Kime’s indestructible dinnerware range. Dishes are also BPA-free, made with no melamine or formaldehyde, and 100 percent manufactured in the U.S. Plus, they’re safe in the microwave, dishwasher, and even a convection oven or regular oven too! (Yes, you read that right.)Buy Now

Le Cadeaux Havana Melamine Set of Four Textured Appetizer Plates, $33.20 on Home Shopping Network

vintage look melamine plates


You know those luxe, beautifully antiqued, Euro-inspired ceramic plates you always see in expensive home decor stores? Yep, these look just like them and won’t crack in half if you place one down on the table too quickly. Buy Now

Opalhouse Embossed Tumblers, $3.99 each at Target

shatterproof party glasses


Go all fancy on ‘em. Trust us—they won’t even know the difference when it comes to faking these embossed, textured water (or wine!) glasses in seafoam green, pale pink, and watery blue. At just $4 each, you can stock up on multiple colors too.Buy Now

Kirkland Clear Cordoba Acrylic Belly Pitcher, $44.99 at Kirkland’s

shatterproof drink pitcher


Every outdoor get-together needs a pitcher of something, and this durable option made from acrylic is both shatterproof and easy to serve. The real selling point, though: It holds up to 116 ounces, which means plenty of adult beverages can be had before running back inside to make another batch.Buy Now

French Bull 11-Inch Serving Bowl, $21.99 on Amazon

shatterproof serving bowl


This statement bowl is great for serving pastas, salads, or (our personal choice) crispy chicken fingers and comes in a variety of bold patterns that will brighten up any summertime backyard decor.Buy Now

Threshold 14-Inch Melamine Serving Platter, $9.99 at Target

melamine marble serving platter


This faux marble serving platter looks so good your guests won’t even know it’s not the real thing. Bonus: It’s about half as heavy as the real thing too, making it ideal for outdoor gatherings.Buy Now

Sara Miller Flamingo Melamine Bowls, 4 for $24.99 at Macy’s

flamingo print melamine bowls


Flamingo prints are certainly having a moment on the fashion scene this summer, so it’s no surprise they’re also popping up on some pretty stylish soup slurpers, too. Go with gazpacho since it’s summer.Buy Now

Oceana Melamine Servers, $3.49 at Sur la Table (originally $15)

melamine salad servers

Sur la Table

Things we like: Cute salad servers. Things we like even more: When said salad servers are on sale! (These are currently under $4 as of press time.)Buy Now

Opalhouse 11-Inch Melamine Jungle Print Dinner Plate, $2.49 at Target

jungle print melamine plates for summer party


It’s a jungle out there, or at least it can be with this conversation-starting plate.Buy Now

Header image courtesy of Pottery Barn

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