According to adfreak, the River City Bagel & Bakery in Boise, Idaho, was so excited to show its support for the locally playing Vagina Monologues that it announced in an ad: “Our bagels are like vaginas: What’s not to love?” The ad, which ran in the Boise Weekly, an alternative newspaper, mistakenly left off a reference announcing that the bakery was a “Proud sponsor of the Vagina Monologues.”

While VH1’s Best Week Ever dubs it the “Ad of the Decade,” it also advises the bagel company, “[M]aybe you don’t want to use sesame seed bagels. I’m just saying, the less bumpy the bagel the better.”

Predictably, the responses to adfreak’s post run the gamut from bemused amazement to lower forms of humor, but I will admit the comment about a “pap schmear” was probably my favorite.

It just shows you what a difference a state makes. If the bagelry were in Florida, it would be “Our bagels are like hoohaas: What’s not to love?”

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