Herbes de Provence, a mixture of dry herbs that usually includes savory, thyme, and lavender, invokes rapture from its fans. Once you’ve fallen for the stuff, you’ll want to use it everywhere—which is good, since it marries well with many foods. Reach for herbes de Provence when you want to taste the south of France in your kitchen.

Herbes de Provence is wonderful with chicken, pork, and lamb. Use with salt and pepper as a rub for roast chicken (or turkey) or lamb, or with olive oil and garlic in a marinade for chops, chicken parts, etc., as well as in lamb stew and chicken and dumplings. It’s also nice rubbed on shrimp and salmon with olive oil before grilling.

Herbes de Provence is equally at home with vegetable dishes: use it in ratatouille; to flavor roasted or grilled vegetables; with roasted waxy or fingerling potatoes; sprinkle on french fries. When Chef Chicklet cooks dried beans in her slow cooker, she covers the top of the pot with a layer of herbes de Provence.

It’s also delicious in scrambled eggs and omelets, especially with goat cheese. Throw some into bread dough when you bake a loaf. Make up an herb butter by mixing herbes de Provence, salt, and garlic into good butter, suggests thursday. Use it on good bread, or to season vegetables or meat.

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