best alternative wedding cakes (cheese wheel cakes)

From doughnut walls to cheese wheel towers, these are some of the best alternative wedding cakes around.

Top It Off in SylleThe Best Etsy Cake Toppers from Elegant to QuirkyIn the thick of summer wedding season, the onslaught of matrimonial events can start to blend together. It’s easy to feel lost in a sea of identical floor-length dresses, pastel floral arrangements, deprecating best man speeches, and live covers of Walk The Moon’s ever-present hit “Shut Up and Dance With Me.” Until recently, this expected series of events included a towering white wedding cake, stashed in the corner and brought out for a ceremonial cake cutting and, if the wedding couple has a sense of humor, some playful frosting to each other’s faces.

If you get to choose your life partner out of millions of people on the planet, why be restricted to choosing between predictable cake flavors and frostings? It’s 2019. Tradition is bending to customization, and creativity reigns supreme in all aspects of wedding planning, including the wedding cake. Read on to see wedding cake alternatives, both sweet and savory, that will give your guests a final memorable bite long after the band’s last song.

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Cheese Wheels

Love the look of a tiered cake but prefer salty to sweet? Stack wheels of cheese like cheddar, gouda, or parmesan and garnish with herbs, fresh fruit, and flowers for an elegant touch.

Doughnut Wall

For a sweet treat that can double as a festive backdrop for photos, a doughnut wall is the way to go. Guests can grab a sugared or frosted ring on their way out, making this the perfect party favor.


While nutritionists have long debated whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for diehard breakfast fans, it’s definitely the most delicious. Share your passion for breakfast with a giant stack of fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup.

Croquembouche Tower

Having a romantic Parisian-themed affair? A croquembouche cake is a traditional French wedding cake made of pastry puffs, or profiteroles, bound together by threads of caramel. Tres chic!

Churro Cake

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Warm Spanish churros sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar are always good, but they become a next level showstopper when tied together with a bow and stuffed with caramel in this churro cake.


Start the after party early with a tiered pizza cake. Are you a pepperoni lover marrying a sausage stan? While maintaining a healthy marriage requires compromise, no need to start practicing it here: have dominion over your own pie and let guests decide who is right.

Which wedding cake alternative do you want to marry? Let us know in the comments!

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