The proof might be in the pickle: Samosa House does not sound like your ordinary curry dive. Instead of the usual trio of tired chutneys, this bare-bones storefront vegetarian restaurant, open since December, offers a dazzlingly fresh house-made relish of garlic, chiles, and cilantro. Just as delicious, reports markp, were two superb curries, part of one day’s lunch special: chole (chickpeas) and alu matar (potato and peas in spicy tomato sauce). “This is food of love,” he sings, “greaseless and absolutely savory—pure Indian soul food.”

That thali-style special is an unbeatable deal: two curries, basmati rice, whole wheat chapati, a pickle and a sweet, all for $5. mark adds: “The billowy chapati and workmanlike basmati abetted me in absorbing every drop of sauce on my plate, which I would have licked clean had I not been within eyeshot of a proper Indian couple lunching alongside me.” Feather-light gulab jamun sealed the deal.

Samosa House [Dutchess County]
986 Main St., in CVS Plaza, Fishkill, NY

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