At the Stoned Crow, the main attractions have been beer and pool, not chow. But that’s changed with the arrival of a cook from Corner Bistro, home of one of New York’s best-loved hamburgers.

The Crow now serves a great burger, says Sweatshirt Guy. It’s a half-pound of tasty, juicy meat on a better-than-average sesame bun. First-rate fries and wings, too. Mini-burgers, tucked into sliced-up hot dog buns and served by the basket, are flavorful but can be overcooked, cautions Bob Martinez. Try to get them cooked to order. The new cook is from Puebla, and he’s added tacos to the menu; no reports yet.

The Stoned Crow [Greenwich Village]
85 Washington Pl., between 6th Ave. and MacDougal St., Manhattan

Corner Bistro [Greenwich Village]
331 W. 4th St., at 8th Ave., Manhattan

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