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If you’re looking to create an impressive Fourth of July spread, we suggest taking cues from the undisputed entertaining queen of East Hampton herself; Ina Garten. 

Store. Bought. Is. Fine. Who knows if Ina Garten really means it when those words slide almost passive aggressively off of her tongue every episode of her beloved Food Network show. Clearly, The Barefoot Contessa would never be caught dead with pre-made pie dough or truffle oil, but for those of us who don’t have time to personally raise and slay a young calf for our burgers this Fourth of July, we can at least fake it with the decor. Elegant simplicity is Ina’s calling card and we’ve got tablescape and hosting hacks to make your guests question if Jeffrey might be lurking around the corner this Independence Day.

Exclusively Use Fresh Seasonal Flowers


Luscious, fresh buds are the easiest, most impactful piece for any event. There’s a reason brides spend thousands on their flowers! Known for her impeccable garden, an Ina tablescape would feel out of place without at least three vases full, but note that the Contessa usually sticks to a monochromatic color palette for her buds. Scatter large glass vases overflowing with blue hydrangeas or white hyacinth for an elegant look. Store-bought is fine. Wink.

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Invest in Simple Table Linens

striped cloth napkin


If you really want to step up your hosting like an East Hamptons goddess, your paper napkins have gotta go. Not only is using real linen better for the environment, it elevates the feel of any table and adds a more restaurant-like vibe to any homemade table setting. Even a wooden picnic table looks fancy with cloth napkins! Try a large, overstated, but simplistic pattern like navy blue gingham or even chambray to add a touch of festive color. Your table should have nods to the holiday, but anything you’d find in the aisles of a Party City should be left alone.

Center Stripe Woven Napkin Set in Blue, $6.99+ at West Elm

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Curate Candles

Fireworks and sparklers don’t have to be the only fire you utilize to celebrate Uncle Sam. Unlit candles lining a table and outdoor area during the daytime imply you’re prepared to transition to nighttime. If your goal is to be Garten’s next protege, plain white candles are the only way to go. We’ll get into how to add some pops of color in a bit, but when it comes to candles, keep them white or off-white and unscented. You want to set the mood, not overwhelm the senses so your meal tastes funny to guests.

6 by 6 Inch White Pillar Candle, $26.95 at Crate & Barrel

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Make Ina’s Flag Cake

easy American flag cake recipe


One of Ina Garten’s most famous creations is her American flag cake. Make like Betsy Ross, if Betsy Ross were a pastry chef, and proudly align those raspberry stripes and blueberry stars onto a creamy frosting that melts in your mouth, but not in the sun. This classic cake is the perfect and some may argue, only centerpiece for a proper celebration of the US of A. Much like everything Ina does, this cake is always impressive, but not trying too hard.

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Make Colors Pop with Fresh Summer Produce

neutral tablescape


Although a sophisticated table setting is generally fairly muted when it comes to color, the menu should not be. A watermelon and feta salad adds the red to your Red, White, and Blue, while a platter of elote gives a splash of nature’s yellow and reminds us we’re really in the thick of summer. Despite the country’s current political divide, one thing we can all celebrate is our great melting pot full of so many cultures and celebrated local farmers.

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