If Brooklyn Label’s chile colorado is not the finest brunch dish in New York, at least it belongs in the conversation, suggests MarcInSunnysideGardens. Here’s how this newcomer in Greenpoint builds a soul-satisfying weekend morning entree:

It starts at the bottom of a capacious bowl with a foundation of polenta, “soothing and dreamy and perfect.” Then comes the chile: slow-roasted pork butt, stewed in deep-flavored, agreeably oily green chile sauce, with roasted red pepper adding a sweet vegetal touch. Atop the chile, two perfectly poached eggs. And framing the eggs, four halves of toast, each smeared with better-than-average butter. “Good heavens,” sighs Marc, “the best breakfast I’ve had in this town.”

It delivers a gentle chile kick, he adds, but mainly “that mellow braised quality that I adore but I’ve never really had at breakfast before.” It’s also quite filling, holding Marc’s admittedly large appetite at bay till dinnertime, and could easily sate two people of lesser capacity.

Other brunch choices include oatmeal, omelettes, biscuits and gravy, steak and eggs, waffles, challah French toast, and a curried tofu-potato scramble. Brooklyn Label, open since December, serves breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch, and will be open soon for dinner.

Brooklyn Label [Greenpoint]
180 Franklin St., at Java, Brooklyn

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Is Brooklyn Label’s Chili Colorado the finest breakfast offering in all of New York City?

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