The Container Store over the door pantry organizer
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Spring cleaning is in the air and Marie Kondo is everywhere. We break down the best products to help you organize your pantry for ultimate ease and use. From pretty storage containers to practical and creative space racks and ingenious products, we got you covered.

Elfa Utility White Wire Kitchen Door & Wall Rack, $127.50 from The Container Store

The Container Store over the door pantry organizer

The Container Store

If your pantry can accommodate this product, this over the door hanger storage rack instantly adds square footage (or inches) to your pantry holdings. The Elfa door wall rack utilizes vertical space to store small items such as spices or larger items like olive oils and vinegars. The bins and racks can be customizable and even used on other Elfa racks/organization pieces throughout the house.Buy Now

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, $21.87 on Amazon

kitchen organizer can rack Marie Kondo


Stack up to 36 cans horizontally in this three-tiered can holder rack. The rack comes with adjustable plastic dividers to accommodate various can sizes, beverages, or jars. Assembles in under a minute without any hardware. Easy to use and see all your canned goods. Can be stacked with other racks for optimal storage.Buy Now

Misc Home Organizer Plastic Bins, $25.20 from Walmart

clear organizer bins


These plastic BPA-free refrigerator bins can easily be incorporated into your pantry plan. The bins stack and the clear plastic allows you to easily see and access what’s in each contained bin. Feel organized in seconds.Buy Now

Ball Glass Mason Jars, 24 oz., 9 count, $10.98 from Walmart

tall mason jars pantry storage


Immediately elevate your pantry game with glass mason jars. Don’t feel pressured to can your own goods or preserves. These glass jars are perfect for storing dry goods such as lentils, pasta, rice, and cereal. Various sizes are available for larger bulk items as well. Dishwasher safe and will look great in your pantry. Use any extras for vases or even water glasses!Buy Now

Seville Classics 3-Tier Expandable Bamboo Spice Rack Step Shelf Cabinet Organizer, $20 on Amazon

extendable spice rack


Organize and clearly see your various spices and herbs with this bamboo, three-step shelf. It’s expandable, so can accommodate various pantry widths, and the wooden design will add warmth to your pantry shelves. A little pro tip: alphabetize your spices for ease too.Buy Now

24X Multi Purpose Clips Colored Kitchen Metal Food Sealing Bag Snack Chip Holder, $10.80 from Walmart

chip clips


Don’t let your favorite bag of artisan tortilla chips or kettle chips go stale. These colorful clips will add pop and zing to your pantry, while keeping your bags of snacks nice and fresh. Plus you can use them to hang decorations in your home.Buy Now

WALFRONT Kitchen Pantry Pull Out Sliding Metal Basket Drawer Storage Cabinet, $33.64 at Walmart

pantry drawer organizer


If your pantry can accommodate, installing a few pull out drawers can help organize and compartmentalize your space. These easy-to-install-drawers help utilize dead space in your pantry. The metal wiring makes it easy to see what is in each drawer, and the soft close runners keeps the drawers running nice and smooth.Buy Now

Amoner Adhesive Hooks (set of 16), $9.99 on Amazon

heavy duty adhesive hooks


Hang oven mitts, aprons, kitchen towels inside your pantry door or walls with easy to use adhesive hooks. With a contemporary chrome finish, these hooks are sturdy and can even hold a robe!Buy Now

Greenco Premium Bamboo 2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable, $11.99 at Walmart

bamboo lazy susan


Eliminate reaching and moving your pantry goods by simply spinning to see all of your items in one place. A lazy Susan makes it easy to grab things on the go. (There’s a reason these are a favorite of The Home Edit.) And this two-tiered lazy Susan incorporates even more accessible storage.Buy Now

Bakeware and Cookware Pantry Storage Rack by Lavish Home, $8.97 from Walmart

saute pan organizer rack


Store bakeware and cookware easily with this vertical storage rack. Great for muffin tins, baking trays, skillets, lids, and more. Works well for both round and square items.Buy Now

YouCopia StoraLid Lid Organizer, $14.99 from The Container Store

food storage lid organizer

The Container Store

Store those pesky Tupperware lids in an easy-to-use organizer. Featuring adjustable dividers for vertical storage, which can accommodate a variety of lid sizes. Say goodbye to that frustrating game of never being able to find your storage container tops!Buy Now

Header image courtesy of The Container Store.

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