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Canned wine was made for summer adventures and some of our favorite red, white, and sparkling canned wines are living their best summer life, at least on Instagram. Join them, won’t you?!

Whether you’re a pool person, beach bum, outdoorsy hiker type, or just a city boy/girl, one thing is for sure; when the weather warms we gotta get out and get moving. But what about the wine?! Lugging a bottle (or two, or three) of pinot grigio around during the warmer spring and summer months can be a hot sweaty drag, but luckily some fabulous canned wines have hit the market recently, making it easier than ever to drink reds, whites, Champagne, and rosé (of course).

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So forget those stodgy old breakable bottles this year—canned wine is perfect no matter where you are or how you got there. We found some of the best canned wines on the market, living their best life on Instagram, and inspiring us all to get out there and make the most of it.

Underwood Pinot Gris, $8.99 on Drizly

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Playing hooky

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This canned Pinot Gris can looks like it’s either about to go surfing or just went but either way we’re jealous because it’s definitely still surfing weather.Buy Now

Archer Roose Malbec, $4.99 on Drizly

One of our absolute favorite things to do in summer is go on a fabulous road trip and clearly someone is taking this canned Malbec wine somewhere amazing, and didn’t invite us, for some reason.Buy Now

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SOFIA Blanc de Blancs, $4.99 on Drizly

These stunning little can of SOFIA’s sprakling Blanc de Blancs are clearly enjoying a fab summer wedding at Chateu Marmont. We’re still waiting for our invitation but glad to see they’re having a good time.Buy Now

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Babe Sparkling Rosé, $4.99 on Drizly

Ok, but our second favorite thing to do in summer is defintiely eat French fries. This canned bubbly of Babe sparkling rosé is doing just that and honestly hasn’t even offered us one yet. Rude.Buy Now

Ava Grace Rosé, $4.99 on Total Wine

If you’re anything like us, or this can of rosé, you plan to spend more than a couple of days poolside this summer. Ain’t no better partner in crime than a fruity and crisp canned rosé with red berry, apricot, and watermelon notes. Can-nonball!!! (get it?)Buy Now

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Social Sparkling Sake (4 pack), $10.99 on Total Wine

We’re ready to curl up in the hot sand just like this canned sparkling sake. At 88 calories per can, and available in fun flavors like elderberry, hibiscus cucumber, grapefruit, and strawberry, it’s likely to be a big hit this beach season from L.A. to Tokyo.Buy Now

Ramona Lemon Wine Spritz, $4.95 on Crush

This is not the wine of Real Housewife of New York and professional runway model, Ramona Singer (although she did create a white wine at one point) but like Ramona Singer, this canned wine is a city slicker. Great for cocktail parties and Central Park picnics, this bubbly concoction is a blend of organic Italian wines, sparkling water, and natural fruit flavors.Buy Now

Nomadica Sparkling White (case of 24), $168 on Nomadica

Nomadica is run by women and has a discernibly funky edge (in branding, not taste). Each of the five canned wines in the portfolio— which include a red blend, chenin blanc, and bubbles—come in gorgeously designed cans perfect for a rainforest nap like the one pictured above.Buy Now

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