Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
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We rounded up some of our best blender recipes as a reminder of just how versatile an appliance the blender truly is. There’s a reason it goes on wedding registries by default, yet even the vaunted Vitamix too often gets relegated to smoothie duty. Blenders are great for fruity (or leafy) purees first thing in the morning, for sure, but there’s a lot else your blender can do for you.

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From batters and butter to cold brew coffee and vegan mousse, these are some of our favorite blender recipes.

And while cleaning up is essential, it doesn’t have to be a chore—so see this simple tip for how to clean your blender, hassle-free.

1. Dutch Baby Pancake

Dutch Baby recipe


The ease of making a Dutch baby pancake is inversely proportional to the showstopping effect as it puffs up like a souffle in the oven, and since it’s made from pantry staples, you’re never more than 30 minutes away from a fantastic breakfast or dinner (feel free to take it savory). This recipe, as written, calls for whisking by hand, but there’s no need for that. Just blitz the eggs, flour, milk, and whatever seasonings you want in your blender all at once, pour them into a hot pan of melted butter, and watch the magic happen. Get our Dutch Baby Pancake recipe.

2. Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict


Don’t be intimidated by eggs Benedict anymore, or at least not by the hollandaise. Making it in a blender is a fantastic shortcut you should start deploying during brunch all the time. Get our Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce recipe.

3. Blender Butter

Love the idea of homemade butter but don’t own a churn (or want to make your muscles feel more exhausted than after the most grueling arm day ever)? Make your own butter in the blender! Mix in spices, fresh herbs, and/or minced shallots or garlic for compound butter if you’re feeling extra-fancy and use it to top a steak, roasted veggies, or whatever else you like.

4. Blender Salsa

easy blender salsa recipe


Chunky salsas are good too, but sometimes a thinner version is better for drizzling over enchiladas, tacos, and nachos. And there’s no worry about pulsing one too many times like when you make it in a food processor, since the goal is a smooth texture. The pumpkin seeds in this one lend a certain creaminess. Get our Blender Salsa recipe.

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5. Slushy Cherry Old Fashioned

slushy cherry Old Fashioned frozen cocktail


We love a classic Slushy Blended Margarita, but when it’s hot out, we’re ready to turn every kind of cocktail into a frozen treat. That includes a fruity twist on the Old Fashioned, like the best grown-up cherry Slurpee you’ll ever have. Get our Slushy Cherry Old Fashioned recipe.

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6. Chipotle Avocado Salad Dressing

Tomato, Tomatillo, and Corn Salad with Avocado Dressing


If you crave creamy salad dressing but feel a little hesitant about using tons of mayo, sour cream, and other dairy (or can’t stomach those at all), use your blender and ripe avocados to whip up creamy, healthy dressings like this smoky chipotle version that’s great on salads, tacos, and sandwiches, or just for dipping crunchy veggies. Get our Chipotle Avocado Salad Dressing recipe.

7. Blender Cold Brew Coffee

If you love cold brew but not paying so much for it at Starbucks, make your own at home—turns out, your blender can be a great asset when it comes to getting caffeinated too.

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8. Pink Hummus

pink hummus recipe from Basic Bitchen by Joey Skladany

Davide Luciano

You can make any hummus in a high-powdered blender for a super creamy dip, but why wouldn’t you choose the prettiest one around? Since the pastel pink comes from a roasted beet, you’re getting extra flavor and nutrition too. Get our Editor-at-Large Joey Skladany’s Pink Hummus recipe.

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9. Pear Baby Food

homemade pear baby food


Got a baby and a blender? Great, because it’s also easy to make your own baby food—maybe not quite as easy as signing up for a baby food delivery service, but manageable, at least some of the time. Get our Pear Baby Food recipe.

10. Asparagus Soup

Creamy Asparagus Soup recipe


Immersion blenders are handy for pureeing creamy soups right in the pot, but they’re also one more kitchen tool to add to your cupboards. As long as you pour carefully, a regular blender does the job beautifully too. This asparagus soup is perfect for spring, but in summer, try blitzing up corn soup; in fall, butternut squash. Get our Asparagus Soup recipe.

11. Adobo Marinated Chicken Tacos

Adobo Chicken Taco recipe


Blend up a homemade spicy marinade for these juicy chicken tacos and it’s hardly any more difficult than buying a bottle at the store—yet it tastes way better, and removes any doubt about unwanted ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and preservatives in the mix. Get our Adobo Marinated Chicken Tacos recipe.

12. Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Easy Raw Vegan Chocolate Cinnamon Mousse recipe


Yes, your blender does dessert too, and not just milkshakes. For this healthy dessert recipe (seriously!), just chuck everything—avocados, cacao powder, agave, almond butter or coconut cream, vanilla, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt—right in the blender, let it do its thing, and chill for a delectable treat that’s almost too easy. Get our Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse recipe.

13. Easy Lime Icebox Cake

A blender also makes quick work of this creamy, dreamy icebox cake; just whir together condensed and evaporated milk, lime juice, and vanilla, then layer it with Maria cookies and refrigerate for a few hours (or overnight). It’s a perfect make-ahead, no-bake dessert for summer. Get our Easy Lime Icebox Cake recipe.

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