Looking for a cool way to ramp up for Sunday’s premiere of the year? That’s right, we’re talking Game of Thrones season eight, and Shake Shack has it all in spades.

You may have heard whispers about the secret GoT menu going down on the hush at the original Shake Shack in Madison Square Square Park, but starting tomorrow—Friday, April 12—the Game of Thrones limited release menu will be unleashed at locations nationwide!

GoT menu items include a fearsome Dragonglass Shake of minted white chocolate custard, made with “packed snow harvested beyond the Wall and hand-churned by members of the Night’s Watch,” topped with “shards of Dragonglass” (a.k.a. black toffee) imported from the caves of Dragonstone, and served in a keepsake GoT mug (starting at $6.49).

The Dracarys Burger ($10.99) has all the meat you’d expect from Game of Thrones, featuring a double Monterey Jack Cheeseburger “sourced from the finest head of cattle The Seven Kingdoms has to offer” and slabs of bacon “imported from Essos,” all topped with a fiery sauce that Shake Shack warns “may be too hot for non-Targaryens.” #Shade.

Shake Shack

What’s the catch? You have to order in Valyrian. Try and order in boring old English and they’ll bust out the shame nun faster than you can say “Red Wedding.” But worry not, they’ve produced a helpful Valyrian pronunciation guide (below). And also, they’re probably not serious.

Shake Shack

If this all wasn’t exciting enough, Shake Shack has literally captured the throne—well, at least for a day. The iconic Dragonstone Throne will be stationed down at the West (eros) Village Shake Shack (225 Varick St) on Friday, April 12 from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Guests are free to assume the massive Insta-worthy throne and take pictures slurping their icy Dragonshakes. (RSVP is required but does not guarantee entry).

We’ll be there. Will you?

And no matter where you live you can get in on the GoT season eight premiere fun with these wines Cersei Lannister would totally crush, or snag a few of these badass goblets for toasting the final season!

Header image courtesy of Shake Shack

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