So, what’s Top Chef winner Ilan Hall doing with his $100K chunk of cheddar? According to PRist/gossip blogger Jennifer Leuzzi at Snack, the man’s been hitting the bling big time. Hall is spotted at JFK on his way to last weekend’s South Beach Food and Wine Festival, decked out in pink-laced kicks, white Louis Vuitton belt (and matching luggage), and a five-figure diamond watch.

Snack adds it up, from $4 bucks for the laces to $11,950 for the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce watch in pure white (with diamonds), then adds the kicker:

Having a b-list blogger play ‘The Price is Right’ on your ensemble … priceless.

Snack’s advice? Skip the bling and go do a stage (that is, an unpaid or minimally paid internship) at a fancy-pants European restaurant. Because, as she puts it, “What else are you supposed to do with $100K? That barely covers the attorney’s fees to set up a new restaurant in Manhattan.”

But it sure buys some nice rocks.

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