We’ve all heard that pregnant women crave odd edibles, from pickle-and-ice-cream sundaes to nonfoods like dirt or chalk—but less often discussed is the reverse phenomenon, moms-to-be being grossed out by perfectly delicious, nutritious eats. Cookthink brings the issue to light in a recent post about the palatability of vegetables. Writer Chip Brantley explains the onset of his wife’s pregnancy-induced finickiness:

The first casualty was mushrooms. We were driving home from the store, talking about something else, when Elizabeth said: ‘The thought of mushrooms makes me sick.’ After mushrooms went, all vegetables went. Then, some of the vegetables—cucumbers, broccoli—came back. Then they went again. With most vegetables now it changes day-to-day.

By far the biggest blow to our kitchen life has been Elizabeth’s total and complete ban on garlic. The thought of the smell of garlic can turn her good day bad, so it’s forbidden for me, too. I’ve been tempted to sneak it into sauces, but she’s expecting that from me and her senses are on heightened alert.

It must be such an interesting and difficult shift for chowhoundy parents when these kinds of aversions set in. Something akin to dating someone with a restricted diet—though luckily with an end in sight.

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