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Whether you’re baking a pie packed with holiday-appropriate pumpkin or pecans, flavored with year-round favorite chocolate, or bursting with summer fruit (’til next year for that one)—or making a savory pie for that matter—you’re going to need some kind of pie plate for the job. If it’s a pretty pie dish to boot, all the better. Here are some of our favorite pie pans to buy online right now, well ahead of the holiday baking rush.

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Of course, pies themselves can be works of art with elaborate braiding and clever designs, in which case a simple glass pie pan might seem best for the job—but sometimes you want to add another layer of drama. Like putting an oil painting in a carved and gilded frame. Or maybe you have a humble pie that needs a little dressing up. In any case, these pie pans are perfect.

The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral 9-Inch Pie Plate, $12.72 at Walmart

Pioneer Woman floral pie dish

The Pioneer Woman/Walmart

This may be one of the most charming pie plates we’ve ever seen, and definitely too pretty to put away in the cupboard in between baking sessions. There’s an equally striking “winter bouquet” option too (pictured at the top of this page), perfect for all your holiday pies.Buy Now

Casafina Cook & Host Ruffled Pie Dish, $48.50 at Wayfair

blue pie plate


This pale blue pie plate is more understated yet just as lovely in its quiet, wabi sabi way; the free-form, loose ruffled look lends it a nice rustic-yet-modern vibe.Buy Now

Pour la Tourtiere d’Annette Stoneware Pie Plates, $75+ on Food52

Food52 hand-stamped stoneware pie plate


These fetching stoneware pie plates are hand-stamped with a beautiful blue pattern that’ll make you want to serve dessert even sooner so you can reveal their secret. Choose a 7.5- or 9-inch plate.Buy Now

Le Creuset Apple Pie Dish, $39.96 at Sur la Table

apple pie dish

Le Creuset/Sur la Table

While this adorable Le Creuset pie dish is clearly best suited to apple pies, you could use it for lots else (at the risk of confusing your guests, maybe, but that’s a small price to pay for apple lovers).Buy Now

Pyrex Watercolor Collection Blue Lagoon 9.5-Inch Pie Plate, $22.53 on Amazon

Pyrex watercolor pie plate blue


A gorgeous watery blue swirl marks this glass pie plate as something special. We can see it holding summery desserts like the classic Key lime pie or a light and fluffy coconut cream, but it’s too pretty to put away for fall and winter, and pumpkin-orange is on the opposite, complementary side of the color wheel.Buy Now

The Pioneer Woman 9-Inch Blue Stoneware Pie Dish, $32.81 on Amazon

Pioneer Woman blue flower pie plate

The Pioneer Woman/Amazon

There aren’t many of these blue folk art flower pie plates left in stock, and it’s plain to see why. Whether you’re a die-hard devotee of The Pioneer Woman or not, this is a beautiful piece of baking equipment.Buy Now

Highland Collection 10-Inch Plaid Pie Plate, $28.79 at Walmart

plaid pie dish


For “Outlander” fans, those keen on showing their Scottish ancestry, or any bakers who still miss ’90s flannel, this plaid pie plate is pretty great, and will be right at home on a holiday table too.Buy Now

Emile Henry Modern Classics 9-Inch Ceramic Pie Dish, $38.56 on Amazon

Emile Henry pie plate

Emile Henry/Amazon

Classic good looks meet French craftsmanship in this sturdy ceramic pie plate with a subtle but uniform ruffled edge, available in blue, yellow, red, green, or white.Buy Now

Rose Levy Berenbaum’s Perfect Pie Plate, $22.49 on Amazon

Rose Levy Berenbaum pie plate


Rose Levy Berenbaum has written several baking bibles, including “The Pie and Pastry Bible,” so her pie plate ought to turn out great examples of the form. The deep ruffles make us want to try using it to make Sister Pie’s Salted Maple Pie recipe.Buy Now

Mud Pie Circa Pie Plate and Server, $43.54 on Amazon

pie plate and server set

Mud Pie/Amazon

If you believe, as this clean white plate proclaims, that “Pie fixes everything,” then you’ll be delighted to own this simple dish, especially since it comes with a silver pie server (a good deal “any way you slice it”)!Buy Now

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel 9-Inch Pie Pan, $13.99 on Amazon

bakery style aluminum pie plate

USA Pan/Amazon

Okay, this one may not be as much of a looker as others, but it is a proper bakery-style aluminum pan, and it’s affordable—which is great if you want to bake a lot of pies at once (like Chowhound TorontoJo and friends did for Pi Day). Plus, there’s something charming about its simple style. If you’re traveling, you might want to upgrade to this Nordic Ware aluminum pie pan that comes with a snap-on cover.Buy Now

The Pi Dish, $24.99 at Walmart

pi pie dish


Pi Day may come only once a year, but you can geek out with this pie dish any time you want to.Buy Now

Be sure to check out some pies you can bake in them too.

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