What does Saruman eat for dinner? Raw herring, guava, and a nice glass of Aquavit. Or so reports the Guardian, which each month runs “What’s in Your Basket?”—not a survey of men’s trouser fronts, but rather a look at celebrities’ eating habits.

This month’s celeb is Christopher Lee, who is best known outside LOTR circles as Count Dracula. The dapper 84-year-old credits his Scandinavian wife for his passion for herring and brown bread, and Dr. John Briffa, the Guardian’s nutritionist, gives him high marks for his diet.

Other’s don’t fare quite as well on the nutrition front. Motorhead’s erstwhile frontman Lemmy, whose basket was studied last year, has a somewhat more hedonistic diet:

I drink a lot on tour, Jack and Coke mostly. I’ve never detoxed, and I’ve never dieted—these tight jeans stretch. My favourite recipe’s called Krakatoa Surprise: curry powder, laxatives and flour made into a model of Krakatoa, then you pour liquid Ex-Lax over the top with a bit of brandy and set it on fire. Eat it while it’s still burning–surprise!

Dr. John Briffa is not amused: “While I am not at all puritanical, evidence suggests that, at the level Lemmy is likely to consume it, alcohol has the capacity to shorten life, not helped by the huge quantities of sugar in the cola.”

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