When you have to forego all alcohol in your cooking, is there any way to replace the flavor pickup that wine gives a dish? While you can’t recreate wine-heavy dishes like coq au vin without wine, there are some substitutions that do work well. Katie Nell has found that Perrier works as a white wine substitute in things where a lemony background is fine. lunchbox uses combinations of fruit juice and vinegar to mimic different kinds of wine for cooking:

Apple juice and sherry vinegar with a dollop of honey substitutes well for marsala.

Apple juice diluted with 1/4 water, plus a squirt of lemon juice substitutes for chardonnay, chablis, and some other medium-bodied whites.

Red grape juice (not Concord), if you can find it, with a splash of red wine vinegar for cabernet.

Rice wine vinegar with a dollop of honey to cut the acid, for mirin.

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