Valentine’s Day may be a holiday to celebrate the love between couples, but for the rest of us, it’s an excuse to binge on candy and complain about being single forever. If you find yourself in the latter category, you’ll be relieved to know that companies have really gone above and beyond to cater to broken hearts and/or unloveable humans this year—Oreo released cookies with “The Most Stuf” ever and Rice Krispies have decided to drench themselves in chocolate. Needless to say, we left our taste-testing segment on the Taylor Strecker Show with more cavities than we can count and a new list of products that we’ll either gift to our lovers (Taylor and Matt) or sneak into bed with a rom-com, box of tissues, and a batch of crippling insecurities (me). Can’t wait.

Double Good Popcorn (Waddle You Do for Cookies?, Its Peanut Butter Chocolate Time)

Popcorn fans unite! We’ve found one of the best gourmet varieties we’ve ever tried on the show. Double Good not only tastes good, but does good—the company donates half of its proceeds to various charity organizations. This means you can feel a little less guilty about eating a healthy snack that is now doused in cookies and peanut butter.

The Most Stuf Oreos 

The Most Stuf should really be called The Right Amount of Stuf…for Matt and me, at least. This is the Oreo you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, this is the Oreo I’m going to house tonight with a gigantic pitcher of milk and zero regrets. Kudos to Nabisco for finally listening to the people. ILYSM.

Spread Again White Chocolate Pretzel Gourmet Peanut Spread

Holy crap this was good. And the possibilities are truly endless: Do you spread it on toast? Do you spread it on Oreos? Do you spread it on ice cream? In our case, we’ll just spread it directly onto our tongues. Buy. This. Now.

Godiva Limited Edition Cupcake-Inspired Chocolates

At first, we thought these were a bit gimmicky. We also thought the “frosting” was too intense. But then we allowed our palates to chill and simply enjoy the sweet, sweet goodness. Godiva is one of the most celebrated chocolate companies for a reason: Everything they make tastes good and there are rarely any exceptions. Don’t agree? Your opinion isn’t valid here. Thank you, next.

Rice Krispie Treats Poppers

If you’re gay, you’ll find the name of these quite odd (who approved this on the market research team?) If you’re hungry, you’ll find that these are just okay. We liked the Cookies ‘n’ Creme flavor the best, but prefer our Rice Krispies Treats sans chocolate, as it tends to mask the marshmallowy, buttery goodness of America’s favorite easy-t0-make dessert. That being said, I killed almost an entire bag of these at my desk without thinking twice, so clearly they’re doing something right. I blame it on the awesome texture play.

Jelly Belly Sparkling Cupid Corn and Red Raspberry Hearts

Sparkling Cupid Corn should be changed to Sparkling Stupid Corn. The artificial strawberry taste was borderline medicinal and not something you’d want to binge during a rough work day. We truly loved the Red Raspberry Hearts, though. They’re insanely addictive and have the perfect crunchy to gummy ratio that we crave on the regs.

Dove Chocolate Bars (Raspberry Rosé, Bourbon Vanilla)

Hershey’s who? Dove hit a home run with these delicious bars that come in four drool-worthy flavors. Raspberry Rosé was our favorite by far, which means we can’t wait to pair this with an actual glass of rosé and start our Friday happy hour early. #goalsfulfilled

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