Psst—know where to buy a mobile slaughterhouse? The state of Vermont may soon be in the market for a pair of ‘em, according to the AP. At the moment, small farmers there face months-long waiting lists and multihour commutes to get their livestock “processed” at one of the state’s two overbooked USDA-certified facilities. The mobile processing units could save these farmers—who take only, say, five chickens at a time to the slaughterhouse—a lot of headaches (and probably also a bundle of cash).

Turns out Vermont isn’t the first state to roll out the death-cab-for-cows idea, but it has been the site of recent protests over slaughterhouse rules. If animals are killed without federal inspection, farmers are allowed to use the meat only for “personal consumption”—except in the case of chicken, which can be sold directly from the farm stand (though not to restaurants, a state court ruled last summer).

I knew raw milk was available at some small farms around the country, but the chicken loophole was news to me. Has anyone had occasion to try off-the-grid meat, either in Vermont or another state?

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