OK, granted, I’m a bit of a kitchen-gadget whore. But I can’t stop slurping up the reviews at Kitchen Contraptions, a blog loaded with posts reviewing interesting and/or innovative kitchen gear.

Lest you stop by with your discriminating taste in the “off” position, you should know to take each review with a grain of salt. The blog’s owner, the cacophonously named Blogpire Productions, is a Massachusetts-based company whose stock in trade is creating “niche publications,” a.k.a. blogs focused on such consumer ephemera as fast food, shirts, and shaving (who knew there were so many depilation fans out there?). Ultimately, the copy at Kitchen Contraptions is meant to sell Cuisinarts and KitchenAid mixers, so the editors are sometimes too enthusiastic about ridiculous tools like the commercial bagel slicer (a contraption I made fun of on the Grinder last week!).

Still, the rolling pin with a ruler marked on it so you can tell how big your rolled-out circle is? The Multicolor Dishrack? Kitchen gloves with a pink-polka-dotted ruffle? Mmm.

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