Keepin’ it real in the Upper Midwest, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune brings us the tragicomic story of how roadkill becomes good eats.

The lede does most of the heavy lifting:

Ask Sophia Johnson for her baked orzo recipe and she’ll give a coy smile. ‘First,’ she’ll say, ‘some car has to hit a deer.’

One morning in January, some car did. At 7:20 a.m., Mark Johnson got the call: A young doe had been killed on Hwy. 62 in southwest Minnetonka. Did he want it?

Of course he did. He’s on a special list of folks contacted by the police department’s “dead deer list,” which turns the tragic climax of Car Versus Bambi into a culinary celebration.

It’s all part of the circle of life, and—surprisingly—there are local gourmets who swear by the venison à la automobile. Quoth the Strib:

Deer killed in the north woods and harnessed to a truck for hours can’t beat deer fed on “rosebuds and corn” in Minnetonka, Mark Johnson said.

Will this correspondent try to sign up for his local dead-deer list? He promises to give it a shot. Will he try super-hard? There’s a lot riding on the fiancée’s attitude toward having a 150-pound dead animal lying in the bathtub.

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