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If you think a KitchenAid stand mixer only does what it’s name suggests, think again. This kitchen appliance is so versatile, you can make pasta, zoodles, sausage, and even a variety of juices with all of its amazing attachment pieces.

So whether you have a tilt-head model or a bowl-lift mixer, these are all of the stand mixer attachments you’re going to need to really take your cooking and baking experience to the next level.

Plus, plenty are sure to be on sale for Black Friday, so keep your eye out for lower prices.

Vegetable Sheet Cutter, $79 on Amazon


Made from metal for a piece that will last, KitchenAid’s vegetable sheet cutter is designed to create sheets of fruits or vegetables for healthy substitutes in any meal (like low-carb lasagna). Two blades give you a choice–either thick or thinner sheets depending on your needs.Buy Now

Spiralizer With Peel, Core, and Slice Functions, $74 on Amazon


From peeling apples to making zoodles, the spiralizer attachment comes with four quick-change blades and an optional peeling blade. You can choose how thick or thin you would like your ribbons to be and use the corresponding metal attachment. It is designed to fit all KitchenAid stand mixers.Buy Now

Sifter and Scale, $99.96 on Amazon


An automatic flour sifter which comes equipped with a battery-operated, easy-to-use digital scale, the Sifter & Scale is designed to make baking easier and baked goods fluffier, as compared to baked items with unsifted flour. The scale can also be used without the KitchenAid stand mixer.Buy Now

Pasta Attachments, $129.99 on Amazon


Make your dream of homemade pasta a reality with KitchenAid’s pasta attachments, which come on their own or in a variety of packages, including a 2-piece, 3-piece, or a 5-piece deluxe set. These sets are made from commercial style stainless steel rollers and cutters and roll 6-inch sheets of pasta with eight different thickness settings. Available pasta attachments include a pasta roller, fettuccine cutter, spaghetti cutter, lasagnette cutter, capellini cutter, and a cleaning brush. You can also purchase the pasta roller on its own.Buy Now

Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder, $39 on Amazon


Get ready to shred with the Fresh Prep slicer/shredder attachment. Good for use with any size bowl, you can slice and shred as many fruits and vegetables as your recipe calls for–or as many as you want. The Fresh Prep comes with 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm blades so that you can adjust your slicing sizes as you wish.Buy Now

Ravioli Maker, $89.99 on Amazon


The KitchenAid ravioli maker processes 6-inch wide pasta sheets to make three rows of large pocket ravioli filled with whatever you want. Stay traditional or get creative–your choice!Buy Now

Food Processor with Commercial Dicing Kit, $159 on Amazon 


From cubes thick and thin, to strips fine or coarse and long or short, the food processor with commercial dicing kit has your answer for whatever your recipe calls for, whether that’s sliced or diced fruit, vegetables, or cheese. The attachment is equipped with the brand’s ExactSlice, an external adjustable slicing lever and fits all KitchenAid Stand Mixers, the company said.Buy Now

Juicer and Sauce Attachment, $139 on Amazon


For more advanced juicing action, the juicer and sauce attachment is used for slow juicing and sauce making. The attachment comes with three pulp screens, an extra-wide feed tube, and a stainless steel slicing blade. From apples to kale and everything in between, the juicer and saucer attachment can juice, jam, or sauce it all.Buy Now

All Metal Grain Mill, $188 at Macy’s (normally $187.99)


From coarse to fine grains, the KitchenAid all-metal grain mill is able to grind low-moisture, low-oil grains, including wheat, oats, corn, and rice. Settings range from cracked to extra fine, getting the perfect consistency for whatever you’re making. It works with all KitchenAid stand mixers and also comes with a cleaning brush—and is 46 percent off during Macy’s Black Friday deals event.Buy Now

Ice Cream Maker, $64.96 on Amazon


The KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment allows you to make up to two quarts of ice cream in about 20 minutes. Don’t love ice cream? You can make gelato or sorbet with the attachment as well. It fits all stand mixers larger than 4.5-quart.Buy Now

Metal Food Grinder, $124.99 at Macy’s (normally $124.99)

KitchenAid food grinder attachment


With the ability to be pre-chilled in the refrigerator (which gives it a leg up on plastic), the metal food grinder comes with fine, medium, and coarse grinding plates and two sausage stuffer tubes. This allows you to create your own burgers, sausages, and meat mixtures for meatloaf, and can be used to make breadcrumbs too.Buy Now

If you don’t yet have something to attach these to, see which KitchenAid mixer is best for you. And check out our favorite KitchenAid splurges—as well as our favorite KitchenAid items under $50.

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