A recent article in the New York Times got some hounds wondering where to find Korean fried chicken–twice-fried for maximum crunch like Belgian frites and served plain or painted with a spicy-sweet sauce.

Along with red leather booths and killer ambience, the Prince has some of the best Korean fried chicken in town. Several kinds, in fact. Deep fried spicy chicken is excellent, says cijl, like a superior version of General Tso’s–Commander Tso’s, maybe. Chicken wings are good too, very spicy and garlicky.

Retro Korean pub Dan Sung Sa also has great chicken wings, served plain, says oro3030.

And if you want to get your fried chicken to go, Koko’s in the Galleria marketplace is pretty darned good, says kproq23

The Prince [Koreatown]
3198 W. 7th St., Los Angeles

Dan Sung Sa [Koreatown]
3545 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles

Koko’s Place [Koreatown]
3250 W, Olympic Blvd. #105, Los Angeles

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Who’s got Korean fried chicken?

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