Do you know where to get a White Gummy Bear? Can you acquire animal-style french fries? How about a Bull’s Eye Barbecue Burger?

These exotic items all come from the “secret” menus of chain resturants, like Jamba Juice, In-N-Out, and Burger King. If you’re a secret-menu savant, Consumerist needs you. The site is compiling the ultimate secret-menu collection and needs fast-food fanciers, former employees, and other sleuths to share their esoteric knowledge.

Maybe it’s because people get a kick out of seeming savvier than the average Joe, but the popularity of trading tips about secret menus and modifications at chains seems to be growing exponentially. I wouldn’t be surprised if lots more “secret menus” started popping up. Unlike some clumsy efforts at viral marketing, secret menus are an elegant way to get folks talking about your food. Customers think they’re “getting one over” on the establishment and eagerly pass along their knowledge, creating an ever-bigger buzz.

Do you go off the menu when you hit the chains?

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