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As avid food explorers, it’s not as if we don’t enjoy our time in the kitchen. But what if there’s a way to minimize some of the prep, or totally eliminate an annoying step that seems like such a time waster (buttering a muffin tin, anyone?). These kitchen accessories are designed to not only save you minutes, but make cooking more enjoyable. Think of how many more sips of that sauvignon blanc you can take if you’re not still stripping cilantro from the stem? Below, the products that make it easier on us in the kitchen and at the stove.

Microplane Stainless Steel Herb Mill 2-In-1 with Herb Stripper, $14.99 on Amazon (originally $24.95)


This strips rosemary and thyme, and then also grinds them up so you can season your chicken with fresh herbs minus all that chopping and stripping.See It

Silpat Silicone Muffin Pan, $49.95 on Williams-Sonoma

Silpat silicone muffin pan


Never grab a stick of butter to grease that muffin tin again, thanks to Silpat, the go-to source for silicone mats and baking pans for French patisseries.See It

Kasain House 5-Section Cast Iron Skillet, $59.99 on Amazon


The one-pan meal takes on a whole new meaning with this ingenious skillet, which allows you to cook eggs, bacon, and pancakes at once and not dirty two other non-stick pans just to feed a crowd at breakfast time.See It

Serrated Warming Knife and Spreader, $19.95 on Amazon


You don’t have to nuke your butter anymore to spread it evenly. This warming knife is made of heat-conducting technology, so the warmth of your hands transfers to the blade, making it simple to spread peanut butter, cold butter, or cheese without gouging your toast.See It

Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain, $15 on Sur La Table

Sur la Table

Don’t bend over to get that bulky colander out. Just clip this handy tool to any pot or pan and drain pasta, veggies, and meat. A lifesaver when your dishwasher is already full.See It

Defrosting Tray with Drip Plate, $21.49 on Amazon


Using heat-conducting technology, this defrosting tray unthaws meats and fish eight times faster than just putting it on the counter — and a drip plate minimizes any mess.See It

Recipe Cocktail Shaker, $20 on Sur la Table

Sur la Table

Forget what goes in a Manhattan or a really dry Martini? Just look to this amateur bartender’s dream, which has go-to cocktail recipes (and handy measurements) printed right on the shaker.See It

KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment, $74.96 on Sur la Table

If you’re big into spiralizing zucchini and squash, this is the KitchenAid attachment for you. It also peels, cores, and slices fruit.See It

OXO Pour Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank, $15.99 on Amazon


Pour-over coffee is delicious, yes. But also kind of complicated if we’re being honest. This coffee maker from OXO makes pour over a breeze and features an auto-drip tank that controls the water flow so you don’t have to sit there with a kettle in hand.See It

Bialetti Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid, $29.99 on Amazon


No more straining your pasta in the sink — this two-in-one lets you automatically strain (and easily reserve pasta water) from the same pot you’ve cooked in.See It

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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