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The weather outside may be frightful, but we all have that one friend or family member whose natural coziness makes us want to spend extra time and attention on them in the winter. Is it that they were genetically blessed with furnace-like qualities, or do they actual radiate heat because of an abiding love of all things spicy?

You know the one I’m talking about. The friend who can count on one hand the number of days in the last decade where they didn’t ingest some sort of hot pepper product. The person who always takes the bait for some sort of extreme heat eating challenge. The family member who casually hinted that they might enjoy a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey this Thanksgiving.

You know them, and you love them, so we’ve rounded up an inferno of gift ideas from the mild and stocking-stuffable to the wild and off-the-Scoville-chart to delight all levels of heat seekers in your life.

Spicy Novelties

Budget, space, and time-friendly, for just a dash of heat this holiday season.

Sriracha Keychain, $14.23 on Amazon


Your beloved sriracha savage will never have to be without his or her favorite condiment with this set of refillable keychain caddies.See It

Tapatío Hot Socks, $19.99 on Amazon


For an added “kick” in the step of your favorite hot sauce aficionado, who doubtlessly knows there are other go-to options besides Sriracha and Tabasco.See It

World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar, $16.99 on Amazon


A mere four-ounces of chocolate bearing the heat of 900 jalapenos dares your heat-seeker to take the 12-minute challenge, eating a single square every 60 seconds.See It

Feelin’ Saucy

You’ll always be on fire with a gift of a new or cleverly named hot sauce. Here we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite gift sets.

Aubrey D. Extreme Hot Sauce Sampler, $27.99 on Amazon

When the spice girl or boy in your life can’t be bothered with mild or medium options, try this sampler which includes extremely hot, seventh-circle-of-hell, and are-you-trying-to-kill-me selections, featuring the world’s hottest peppers.See It

The Good Hurt Fuego Sampler, $34.99 on Amazon


Adorably packaged and internationally themed, this sampler isn’t only about the heat, but also about the flavor, with sauces such as Garlic Herb and Smoky Bourbon. Try it for the firemouth whose taste buds are still remarkably intact.See It

Fuego Box Club, $12.95 and up

Fuego Box

Since you yourself are no mild-level gift giver, why not try a hot sauce subscription box so that your heat fiend gets a monthly reminder of just how hot you yourself are.See It

Dazed and Infused

Because spicy things need love, too. Despite the heat, hot peppers play quite nicely with a variety of other flavors and textures, and we have the gifts to prove it.

Three Knees Gift Set, $44.99

Bushwick Kitchen

Spicy meets sweet in this gift set – a metaphor for your relationship, perhaps? – which includes habanero-infused honey and maple syrup.See It

Jalapeno Tequila, $29.99 (down from $42.99) on Liquorama


And then there are the moments when you want to stoke the fire with more fire. Spicy margaritas for all!See It

Truffle Hot Sauce, $17.98 on Amazon


Because your loved one is more than just a one-dimensional firecracker. They too can appreciate their heat with some nuance, umami, and luxury.See It

Hot For Teacher

If your fiery friend or relative is the type whose passion for peppers extends beyond the mere sensory, and into the cerebral, here are a few gift ideas to stoke their brain flames.

Pepper Poster, $7.39 on Amazon


Available in both dried and fresh varieties, these posters are both decorative and informative, for the pepper-lover who’s also an insufferable (read: loveable,) know-it-all.See It

Hot Chicken Cook Book, $16.46 on Amazon


Extreme heat is not only available in sauce form, as is evidenced by the craze for Nashville-style, dry-rub hot chicken. You won’t need the restorative pickles and ice cream on hand in order to read about the history here, but maybe procure them just in case a tasting is called for.See It

Hot Sauce Nation, $12.32 on Amazon


The definitive guide for understanding how this addiction to flavor-pain came to be.See It

Feel The Burn

Gifts for the spicy-savvy who can appreciate the delayed gratification of a DIY experience where you might just have to earn the sweat.

Heatonist Tasting Room


Along with the national craze for hot sauce comes the inevitable hot sauce sommelier. If your city hosts a hot sauce shop with tastings or classes, such as Brooklyn’s Heatonist, make it a day of fun/pain with a gift card.See It

Chili Lab, $49.95 on Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

Just make sure to keep the windows cracked this winter when you dive into a do-it-yourself hot sauce making kit, where the fun isn’t only in the sauce, but also in coming up with a fire-branded name for your bespoke concoction.See It

The Ultimate Pain

Carolina Reapers, $7.99 on Amazon


For that person for whom the term “thunderclap headache” inspired envy, rather than fear, you know what you have to do:See It

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