La Croix alternatives sparkling water, selzter, and sparkling tea
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We know, we know. LaCroix is a blessing from the carbonated water gods. (Especially the grapefruit flavor. Don’t @ us.) But if it’s the only brand of seltzer you’ve been throwing back, that means you’re missing out on an ever-growing suite of other sparkling sips. There’s a much bigger bubbly world out there, and it even includes Cannabidiol (or CBD as the kids call it).

Here are our favorites outside the LaCroix universe.

Sound Tea on Amazon, 12 for $29.99 on Amazon


The sophisticated, worldly older sister of the group. Sound is a bubbly bottled tea that’s Non-GMO and certified organic. And the flavors are very “Brooklyn coffee shop” if you know what we mean: Chamomile, Green Tea, Rose Tea, White Tea, and Yerba Mate.See It

Spindrift, 20 for $22.99 on Amazon


Arguably the second most popular seltzer water among Millennials, Spindrift’s sunny cans come in 9 flavors, from Strawberry to Half & Half (tea and lemon). Best part? They come in variety packs so you don’t have to be stuck with two dozens cans of Cucumber.See It

Topo Chico, 6 for $22.21 on Amazon

Tropo Chico

This hipster-H2O is everywhere in Texas (it’s sourced and bottled in Monterrey, Mexico). Now you can buy it online in the OG mineral water, Twist of Grapefruit, and Twist of Lime. The latter goes great with a shot of tequila.See It

Bubly, 18 for $10.99 on Amazon


Ordering up a sampler pack of Bubly is like tasting the rainbow. Flavors range from Apple to Strawberry, and there’s a day-brightening greeting (one says “hiii”) on every tab.See It

Richard’s Rainwater, 24 for $29

Richard’s Rainwater

An up-and-comer in Texas, Richard’s Sparkling Rainwater is quickly becoming a bubbly BFF to Austin-ites, where it’s served at the kind of bars and restaurants that would be up to speed on the small-batch, locally made fizzy water of the moment. It’s still only available in The Lone Star State, but isn’t a yearly food-and-music pilgrimage to Austin sort of like mandatory these days? Also, it’s made from actual rainwater! Sorry (not sorry) we buried the lead.See It

Polar Seltzer, 24 for $23.27 on Amazon


The sheer number of flavors—they’ve got nineteen total—make Polar a contender in the sparkling water category (i.e. it’s not just the plastic bottle you grab in college when trying to make that cheap vodka go down a bit easier anymore). The Orange Vanilla one is like sipping on a Dreamsicle and Cranberry Clementine sounds like something Willy Wonka would have come up with.See It

Clearly Canadian, $2.50 each at World Market


One sip of their Wild Cherry bevvie is like hopping in a time machine to the ‘90s, when this sparkling water took off. It went out of production in 2009, but now you can indulge in a bit of nostalgia thanks to World Market, the only U.S. retailer carrying the stuff. Speaking of the ‘90s, they only sell it in-store, but you can order it for pickup online.See It

Original New York Seltzer, $1 each on World Market 

Original New York Seltzer

These cute glass bottles pack some taste-bud tickling punch in flavors like Root Beer, Cola & Berry, and Vanilla Cream. If you’re having a party, throw a few of these on your bar cart for a good-looking arrangement. Also? Sober drivers will be much obliged.See It

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