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It’s nearly mid-November, which means that Christmas shopping season is well under way, and anyone who loves advent calendars will need to order theirs ASAP in order to get them in time to actually count down the days ’til Christmas.

We’ve rounded up the best selection of 2019 advent calendars available for everyone who loves food and drink—full of everything from cheese and chocolate to wine and beer. There are even jerky and pork rind calendars for committed carnivores. And of course there are options for your pets.

Because in a season of festive excess, what better way to mark the days leading up to the main event than to indulge in yet another little treat?

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12 Nights of Wine, $129 on Vinebox

Vinebox wine advent calendar 2019


This year, wine subscription service Vinebox is offering two versions of their one-off wine advent calendar: Naughty and Nice. Either way, you get 12 glasses of wine (a mix of red and white) expertly curated from around the world, all in a sleek, sophisticated package. Or you can get both boxes and get 15 percent off. Wine not?Buy Now

ALDI Wine Advent Calendar, $69.99

ALDI wine advent calendar


If you’re near an ALDI, they’re also bringing back their popular wine advent calendar this year! It features a mix of red, white, and bubbly in 24 mini bottles. Grab it while you’re stocking up on our favorite November ALDI finds (and look out for several other advent calendars in store too, including ones for beer, chocolate, cheese, and dog treats—you can pretty much check off everyone on your list). They arrived in stores starting November 6, but once they’re sold out, that’s it.See More

Bonne Maman Preserves Advent Calendar, $34.99 at World Market

Bonne Maman Preserves Advent Calendar

World Market

With 24 adorably petite jars of different limited-edition jams and jellies (plus honey), all of which are free of high fructose corn syrup and totally all-natural, this is perfect for any toast lover on your list (or, you know, yourself). There’s a mix of both new and classic flavors, including purple fig and cinnamon, blueberry-blackcurrant, pear and mirabelle plum, strawberry-verbena, raspberry-lychee, and even grapefruit-dragonfruit. This sold out fast last year and is temporarily out of stock at World Market, but you can sign up to be notified when/if it becomes available again!Buy Now

Cheese Advent Calendar, $20 at Target (and other locations)

cheese advent calendar

So Wrong It’s Nom

Savory advent calendars are fairly rare, but this one would be special even if they weren’t—because it’s full of five varieties of fine cheese (like smoky Applewood British cheddar and creamy Ilchester Wensleydale, studded with sweet-tart cranberries), all suitable for vegetarians. In the U.S., it will once more be available at select Target stores, as well as Supervalu, Sprouts, Schnucks, Meijer, Jewel, Lidl, and Publix locations, starting in November. If you can’t find one near you, no need to cancel Christmas! Just buy your own reusable advent calendar and put whatever cheeses you want inside it (and be sure to keep it in the fridge).See More

What On Earth LED-Lighted Santa's Workshop 24-Day Wooden Advent Calendar, $49.99

This darling wooden advent calendar lights up thanks to two AA batteries, and is sure to become a cherished heirloom, whether you put cheese in it or not.
Buy Now

Jerky Advent Calendar, $79.99 on Man Crates

Jerky Advent Calendar

Man Crates

What goes better with wine and cheese than cured meat? This advent calendar contains 25 different flavors of jerky, from honey bourbon and whiskey maple to garlic and Sriracha flavors—most made from beef, with some more exotic varieties including elk, bison, wild boar, venison, and alligator in the mix. It’s sure to herald a merry, meaty Christmas for your favorite carnivore.Buy Now

12 Days of Christmas Gift Tower, $79.99 at Harry & David

Harry and David 12 Days of Christmas gift tower

Harry and David

This delightful wooden gift box looks like a stack of presents and each of the 12 drawers contains a different treat, like Moose Munch, chocolate-covered cherries, truffles, mints, and malt balls. Even once the confections are gone, the box itself can be reused for years to come.Buy Now

12 Days of Moose Munch, $34.99 at Harry and David

Harry and David Moose Munch advent calendar

Harry and David

If all you care about is the Moose Munch (and who could blame you?), this merry, wreath-bedecked advent calendar contains a dozen different flavors of the sweet gourmet popcorn mix, including dark chocolate salted caramel, white chocolate Cinnabon, dark chocolate peppermint bark, and mint chocolate with candy trees.Buy Now

Sugarfina Advent Calendar, $48 at Sugarfina [sold out online]

Sugarfina advent calendar 2019 candy advent calendar


The 2019 Sugarfina advent calendar is already sold out online, but you can check back to see when it’ll be available at retail locations. It features 24 different candies (four pieces of each), from apple frogs and pink flamingos to gingerbread cookie bites and edible Christmas trees, and is perfect for the person with a sweet tooth in your life who’s tired of the usual chocolate (if such people actually exist).Buy Now

24 Days of Vegan Candy, $39 at Squish

If you have a vegan candy lover, this Canadian company ships an advent calendar filled with vegan gummies.
Buy Now

Charbonnel et Walker Paper Theater Collection Advent Calendar, $75 at Nordstrom’s [sold out]

fancy chocolate advent calendar


Open the double doors of this theater-inspired advent calendar to reveal a grand assortment of rich truffles and bonbons from the English chocolatier Charbonnel et Walker, known for their couverture dark chocolate since 1875.Buy Now

Godiva Advent Calendar, $29.95 at Macy’s

Godiva advent calendar 2019


At a much gentler price point, you can’t go wrong with Godiva. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, and it’s packed into a charmingly illustrated advent calendar that’ll make you smile even before you open any of the little windows to retrieve a piece of creamy chocolate.Buy Now

Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar, $14.95 at No Whey! Foods

No Why vegan advent calendar

No Whey

Clearly, chocolate advent calendars are the most prevalent example of the edible form, but sadly, most aren’t an option for vegans. Well, this one is—and it’s also gluten-free and allergy-friendly! It contains vegan chocolates with different holiday designs on each.Buy Now

24 Days of Tea, $40 at David’s Tea

David's Tea advent calendar

David’s Tea

Tea lovers, look no further. In this advent calendar, you get 24 different teas (from bestselling blends and throwback favorites to web exclusives and sneak peeks of new varieties), and you get two servings of each one, so you can share a sip with someone you love (or just double up your own cup).Buy Now

Yawn Coffee Advent Calendar, $32.21+ on Etsy

coffee advent calendar 2019

Tea Revv/Etsy

If you or your lucky gift recipient prefers java to tea, this compact package holds 24 different craft coffees (ground or whole bean) to jolt you into a jolly mood.Buy Now

2019 Spirits Advent Calendar, $59 at Heritage Distilling Co.

2019 alcohol advent calendar

Heritage Distilling Co.

For those who like good cheer in stronger liquid form, this calendar conceals a variety of bourbons (including a brown sugar bourbon), rye whiskey, gin, and a few flavored vodkas (lavender, huckleberry, and blood orange). Due to state laws, they can’t ship to several places, but check their list; you might be in luck.Buy Now

DIY Booze Advent Calendar, $19.99 on Amazon

If you're in a state where the above calendar can't be shipped, consider buying one of these and adding your own mini bottles (and maybe some cocktail snacks and accessories) to the empty spaces inside.
Buy Now

The 25 Sauces of Christmas Hot Sauce Advent Calendar, $79.95 on Amazon

hot sauce advent calendar


Have a hot-head in your life? Or maybe that’s you? Then this advent calendar packed with 25 different mini bottles of hot sauce is likely to kindle a warm glow of happiness (and capsaicin).Buy Now

Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar, $31.86 at Joe & Seph’s

gourmet popcorn advent calendar


This charming advent calendar’s snowy Victorian storefront conceals 12 different flavors of popcorn (including salted caramel, toffee apple and cinnamon, banoffee pie, raspberry cheesecake, double chocolate, and cookies and cream)—none of which contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and all of which are suitable for vegetarians. It comes from the UK, but they ship to the U.S. and Canada.Buy Now

The Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling Advent Calendar, $22.09 at British Corner Shop

2019 pork crackling advent calendar

British Corner Shop

If your cravings are more carnivorous, check out this amazing pork crackling advent calendar, which is filled with 24 mini bags of crunchy pig skin snacks in six different flavors (Pigs in Blankets, Low & Slow BBQ, Maple, Black Pepper, Salt ‘N’ Vinegar, and Perfectly Salted).Buy Now

DIY (or BYOB) Beer Advent Calendar, $29.99 on Etsy

beer advent calendar

Craft Advent Box/Etsy

If you have a Costco near you, they’re selling a German beer advent calendar at many of their stores for $60 (as they did in 2018). Not an option? Order a cheery DIY beer advent calendar box on Etsy, then fill it with your own hand-picked bottles and cans. Or, get crafty and build your own beer advent calendar from scratch! You’ve got plenty of time if you start now.Buy Now

ALDI Beer Advent Calendar, $49.99

ALDI beer advent calendar


If you want a ready-made option and are near an ALDI, you can pick up a beer advent calendar if they’re still in stock at your local store (the limit of two per customer might help you there). They contain 24 11.2-ounce bottles of “a variety of imported beer including six core range selections, two ALDI Finds and seven exclusive varieties.” They pair perfectly with the ALDI cheese advent calendar (and so does the ALDI wine advent calendar for that matter)…See More

Bosco & Roxy’s Bark the Halls Dog Treat Advent Calendar, $24.99 at World Market

World Market dog treat advent calendar

World Market

There’s no reason to leave your best four-legged friend out of the advent calendar tradition either; this dog treat advent calendar hides 24 handmade applesauce and peanut dog biscuits to delight your fur-child this holiday season. And if you want to lavish them with even more affection, get them a pet food delivery subscription for Christmas. Because even dogs don’t want another sweater. Not to be outdone, Trader Joe’s will be selling advent calendars for cats.Buy Now

DreamBone Rawhide Free Dog Chew Advent Calendar, $14.99 on Amazon

dog chew advent calendar


If your pup prefers chewier treats, this calendar is filled with three different types of rawhide-free chews that are easy to digest and sure to delight, made with real chicken and sweet potatoes. It’s currently sold out, but check back as it may be re-stocked.Buy Now

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