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Having a few extra pitchers around is never a bad idea especially if you’re a serial host or hostess. Be it for ice water, batched cocktails, like margaritas or bloody mary mix, or even as backup vase for a bunch of fresh flowers. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving – or it’s more casual cousin Friendsgiving – you’d be well-advised to snag an extra pitcher or bring one as thoughtful, unexpected, and useful gift.

From quirky to classic you can find pitchers in almost any shape and size and crafted from everything from ceramic to glass, copper, stainless steel and even clay. We scrubbed the internet to find some of the best of the best so you and your crew can enjoy a pitcher perfect Thanksgiving no matter your style or budget.

Argentina Penguin


This penguin pitcher is kitsch all the way. It’s muted off white body will blend in or mix well with most aesthetics but the playful design will delight guests of all ages. Doubles as a cool decanter or funky flower vase in a pinch, too!See it

Blue Sky Ceramic Urchin


One of my all time favorite looks, this blue sky blue ceramic has a wildly unique and textured surface and shade of blue you could get lost in for hours.See it

Moscow Mule Inspired


Like steel, copper is a great insulator and will keep your colds colder and for longer. The long subtle curved design has both a modern and antique feel at the same time made with heavy gauge copper and sturdy brass handle.See it

Japanese Beta Fish


This exciting ceramic pitcher is formed from a swooping Japanese beta fish and comes in more than 15 colors so you’re sure to find one that fits the mood of your Thanksgiving soiree.See it

Country Polka Dots

Bloomingville’s line of housewares sport modern country vibes like polka dots, color blocking and lots of teal. This ceramic pitcher with cream base and black dots can definitely do double duty as charming vase too.See it


Sleek Stainless Steel

One good thing about stainless water pitchers is they keep the liquids colder for longer. In addition to functionality this 60ounce number with ice guard from +steel is sleek, modern and slender so it won’t take up too much room on your soon-to-be crowded table.See it


Rustic Fleur-De-Lis


Bold and loud just like New Orleans which adopted the French Fleur de Lis as it’s unofficial logo. This hand painted burnt orange ceramic pitcher is perfect for the color-lovin’ host in your life.See it

Lenox Tuscany with Stopper


This is technically a wine decanter but makes a seriously chic looking water pitcher as well. Crafted from European crystal with eye catching stopper and dramatic teardrop body.See it

Bardot Ceramic Jug


This one looks like it could have come straight from an archeological dig. The distressed body and ancient design will add worldly charm to any tablescapes or Thanksgiving decor.See it

Pig Pitcher


Another laugh out loud pitcher for those who appreciate kitschy kitchen vibes. The pigs snout doubles as the pitchers spout in this distressed red ceramic piece.See it

Stainless Steel w/ Filter


This slick looking water pitcher from Invigorated Water is also an ionized filter maintaining PH balance, which studies show can help reduce a myriad of health problems from inflammation to concentration.See it

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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