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Dinner plates are an easy way to add pops of life and color to a Friendsgiving tablescape. In the dark ages before Al Gore invented the internet, when we had to buy dinner plates, we were pretty much at the mercy of whatever drab selection the local department or home goods store had in stock.

Now with the advent of aforementioned internet we have so many things; YouTube comments, international hacking schemes, cyber-bullying and bloviated politicians disappointing us faster and more frequently than ever. We’ve also got endless and unfettered access to a seemingly unending universe of dinnerware in every shape, style, color, and material.

It’s quite an exciting time to be alive and because you’re a host oozing with panache and personality, your party plates should be a reflection of that very joie de vivre. You’ve only got a few shopping days left but we’ve given you a head start by collecting some favorites in a range of styles. And if you’re not hosting this year, they make the perfect gift for the host or hostess.

Dreamy Murano Marbled Glass


For the daydreamers. You could get lost in this smokey blue dreamscape for hours pondering the mysteries of the universe, like how Aunt Janet could have possibly gotten so drunk on just two glasses of wine.See it

Pfaltzgraff Vintage Folk Art


For those who traffic in vintage wares. This classic American kitchenware designer churns out modern nods to an older era. You can almost picture Kevin Arnold’s mom dropping a thick slice of meatloaf down on this in an episode of “The Wonder Years.”See it

Hipster Approved


Hipsters are famous for a few things; love of Daguerreotypes, small batch bourbon-soaked Friendsgivings and small woodland creatures among them. This charming plate with etchings of tiny quails will look right next to a pile of old “Pet Shop Boys” records.See it

Bright And Colorful


For the color-obsessed Frida Kahlo type. Not for everyone but there is no missing these bright bombs of textured turquoise made from porcelain with subtle herringbone-esque pattern.See it

Goofy & Glam


If they’ve ever tried to get you to an Andy Warhol retrospective, you can bet they’ll love these plates featuring a glamorous giraffe and subtle pops of color. A conversation piece for sure, these may not be right for everyday plates but are way fun for a chic dinner party or Friendsgiving.See it

Fit For A Queen


If their TiVo (wait, what’s TiVo?) is brimming with episodes of “Downton Abbey” and “The Crown” they’ll literally knight you for bringing over these regal, doily inspired dinner plates to Friendsgiving.See it

Mediterranean Inspired


A trip to the Amalfi coast or Greek islands is likely not in your budget for Friendsgiving host gift, but these Spode Blue Italian plates are the next best thing. Made from earthenware and porcelain, this classic design feels formal but still fun.See it

Chic Yedi Bone China


These remind me of my grandmother in the best possible way—she was a master hostess and curator of beautiful things (that we mostly weren’t allowed to touch). These dimpled plates with subtle oval shape and careful gold accent are just the thing to add a brushstroke of lovely to a Friendsgiving affair.See it



The host that loves a good rockabilly tune or malted milkshake will jump and jive for this retro checkerboard set of china dinnerware.See it

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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