Just before my husband left for work this morning, he whipped out just the thing I was hoping to get for Valentine’s Day—a one-pound box of See’s candy. What are you eating to celebrate this glorious day of candy, sex, and prix-fixe special dinner menus?

At Slashfood, writer Joanne Lutynec was wondering the same thing, in a post titled “What Is Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Treat? And when she asked, commenters had all kinds of answers. Some prefer to build a custom box of chocolates online, a popular option at my beloved See’s, which allows customers to select from among 75 different candies and specify the percentage of each chosen chocolate in the box. (Russell Stover lets you do the same thing, but, um, enjoy your box of wax!)

Some sick people claimed they liked conversation hearts, but then, people buy licorice and wintergreen Necco Wafers, too. I’m with the poster who declared herself happy when her boyfriend shows up with a deep-dish pizza. Now that’s love.

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